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    Guardian Spirit is broken... really broken..

    I may as well take it off my bars, i don't think I've seen it proc once so far at level 90.

    Any chance it will get fixed?

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    Not sure its the right forum to ask if it will get fixed? Use official forums to ask about possible bugs.
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    You might be using it too late, the person you cast it on is getting hit hard enough that it doesn't help, or you are casting it on the wrong person by accident. I say that because I've done all these things before. I've been playing holy since i've hit 90 and I've ran way too many dungeons and done both world bosses. Guardian Spirit is working great for me so far, had it proc many times on undergeared tank

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    It needs more than a 0.3 second window between cast and effect. If it's on a target already, it's usually fine (unless a Pierce-Through-Death, or Ultra-Mega-Damage effect goes here). Often when someone freaks out and tries to oh-shit cast it, they're too late to account for client/server latency.

    The spell is treated as on cooldown, but the server had already resolved that the target died before the cast is actually completed.... most of the time.
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    I can confirm that GS has proc'ed for me at 90. The "lag" issue that Kel is talking about is tedious though. As long as GS is up with enough time in advance it usually does it's job.

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    If you have a ping meter showing 120 ms, GS needs to be cast 60 ms earlier in order for the server to see it (Ping is the time from your computer to the server and back).

    In addition, and unless they changed it, buffs are updated on targets every 0.3 seconds. This means there is in the worst case 299 ms between your GS cast reached the server, and your GS cast was applied to the target.

    In addition, there has been a lot of "back-and-forth" regarding what is resolved first. GS buff or damage. Especially during WoTLK, the damage was resolved first. Meaning you really had to cast the spell 0.599 + "half ping time" before it actually activated. I believe but have no proof that GS is applied before damage these days.

    In addition, GS only works against damage up to 2x your HP. That's generally not a problem. They found a nasty bug two months into cata where the limit was 10k, but that just says something about how often priests expect the spell to actually work

    In addition, GS does not work against "deadly damage". Any ability may be toggled as "deadly", meaning GS simply does not work against it. In the firelands, there was a period where virtually all special attacks were flagged as deadly. They changed that at some point, but I'm not sure when. Which abilities are deadly? Well.. that's the tricky part. It used to be marked in your encounter journal, but that's not how it works anymore. Honestly, I do not know. Generally, anything that is considered "move or die" (think mimiron rockets) are considered deadly. Basically this means that GS is quite a lot worse than pain suppression and cannot be used to counter anything of importance.

    GC had a long explanation about the ability back at some point in wotlk, but I cannot find his comment anymore...


    Oh, and GS procced for me yesterday at lvl 90. Admittedly I was precasting it several seconds in advance and the damage that procced it was low. But it definitively worked.
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