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    Mage or Warrior?

    Playing a mage and warrior makes me happy but i have time only for one character, So I have to choose and i can not decide. I want to play pve and pvp (arena/rbg). So please help me
    I've heard that Mages are not as good as in Cata. They are not top dps class in pve? Am I right? In pvp they are still good yea?
    When it comes to Warrior I'm afraid about pvp. Warriors are melee and being a melee is a big disadvantage and Warrior's always got a nerf, but now apparently warriors are in really good shape.
    I am looking for a class that will allow me to be on top of dps meter in pve, and when master be a godlike in pvp (maybe i never reach this level but it's good to know that the class has the potential)

    Why choose Mage instead Warrior or why choose Warrior instead Mage? Who is better for pvp and who is better for pve?

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    just cause subletly on rogues got hit with the nerf bat does not mean melees are at a disadvantage. I never had a single problem with a caster, spriest, mage or healer with a frost or uh dk.

    As for your question i would play warrior as long as second wind is really cool and some other talents that grand you better uptime on your target. Sure most talents will get a nerf after some time, but nobody is excluded from it.

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    thx for answer tyrannica.

    But why choose Warrior instead Mage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smoluch View Post
    thx for answer tyrannica.

    But why choose Warrior instead Mage?
    I dunno. I play all classes in pvp and some in pve. Melees can be a lot of fun you fight it up in front and personal you can wear a 2hand weapon and smash people with it. And since it seems the warrior will be the strongest melee, why not take him? Do you like rage or mana?

    Apart from that go with the class you have more fun with both are sucessful in arenas and rbgs.

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    I would choose the warrior but im afraid the casters can kite me all day long and i cant do nothing, and instead of having fun, I will not be able to do anything

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    But explain why mage or warrior?

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    Go with warrior. The class right now is considered one of the strongest ( if not the strongest ).
    You got heals
    Stunts and charges with less than 30 seconds cooldown
    you got 2 spell reflects now ( one that can be cast in any stance without equipping a shield )
    you got Avatar ( which makes you immune to movement impairing effect for 20 seconds while increasing your damage by 20% too )

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    About warriors from what I've heard they've always been op at the beginning of each expansion? This is true?

    And Yesterday I saw my friend play hunter, freaking awsome gameplay :P but he said hunter its bad choice for pvp? he was right?

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    The game is a vicious circle. You buff one class and relatively make another weaker. You nerf one class and then another is stronger. Nothing is granded and changes happen all the time.

    Mages have been considered good throughout the games history - warriors have been godlike and puny. At the current state of the game and without having played anything serious I would say warrior can be better - but most certainly more fun. But thats a personal opinion coming from a warrior that suffered for more than a year at the bottom of the vicious cycle.

    Finally some people might have better performance with one class over the other. After strugglying with the warrior class while on the bottom of the food chain that greatly help my playstyle and now that I've been given the means to compete I feel strong.

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    Warrior needs more time to understand as the abilities take some time getting used to you wont be smashing face with warriors the moment you roll one.

    Mages have the advantage of being possibly the best kiters in the game. Although hunters can tear mages a new one.

    Tbh i would say mage. Much more casual friendly.

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    i said mages because warriors are always good at the beginning of an expasion but a few patches after that you must play it very well to shine in arena, while a mage is more ''casual friendly'' like poster above said.

    If you like a lot more the warrior play it, but i would pick the mage 24/7 cause it s more easy to outplay some1 and if you are a good player that all extras

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    That really depends on how you feel. You like casting? You like meleeing? My two main classes are(were) also a Warrior and a Mage and in the end I took my Mage. It has been my super-main since the early TBC, and I've always been better to Mage than a Warrior in PvP/PvE. Beside I really like the magic thing and Blink/Portals has just become a thing I can't live without.

    Gnome Mage ftw!
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    Mages all day..! as a mage u are in control.. and I don't remember a season where mages were bad. ever.
    Warriors on the other hand at great for tanking and PvE - not a stable PvP class always changed too much and never really fixed leaving them to be behind...

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    I dislike mage, they also seemed to have been nerfed so bad that they just seem to suck now, tho that could just be me. Fire lost a ton of burst and frost lost quite some damage overall it seems. Good thing is that healers can't dispell everything anymore. Warrior are actually quite op atm, I think I can take on a fire mage now.

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    As a Warrior I can say that Mages, if played right, can be supreme in a BG. While I can use a macro to drop someone in seconds, mages can literally one-shot players right now. Not to mention they're a pretty slippery class with bubbles, slight healing, and blink.

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    Thx for answers

    I came to the conclusion that prefer to play ranged characters, and when I am the person who kite . But now im thinking about mage or hunter heh

    Last time I saw my friend played hunter, freaking awsome gameplay :P but he said hunter its bad choice for pvp? he was right?
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