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    Quote Originally Posted by McLockhart View Post
    As a warrior I do not believe it is possible to solo the entire Black Temple raid.

    From my own experience as a lvl 90 fury warrior
    High Warlord Naj'entus - Soloed
    Supremus - Soloed
    Shade of Akama - Soloed
    Teron Gorefiend - Soloed
    Bloodboil - Soloed, but with some difficulty
    Reliquary of Souls
    P1 - Soloed
    P2 - Can't solo
    P3 - Soloed
    Mother Sharaz - Soloed
    Illidary Council - Soloed
    Illidan Stormrage - Soloed

    The issue here is clearly Reliquary of Souls which is not soloable as a warrior. The issue is phase two in which the boss will both have a chain disorient as well as having a damage reflection ability. The issue lies in the combination of the two as you will burst yourself down if you use cooldowns on the boss. If you're too slow with this burst you'll be stuck in the disorient until you die.

    I suggest either bringing a friend for this boss or solo it with a class which has a pet and/or totem. Such classes would be hunters, warlocks, death knights and monks as far as my experience goes.

    Good luck with your runs (:

    Edit: As for Naj'entus you can always make his bubble disappear if you Shadowmeld as a Night Elf. This causes his to reset although you can catch him before his health also resets, making the encounter much easier.
    Can u use bladestorm for avoiding the disorient effect? If so then.. pop cds -> pummel -> bladestorm -> pummel -> hope for kill.

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    Everything is very easy to solo bar RoS. Its very annoying due to the fact that you have to somehow burst him down before the third cast yet control your burst as to not kill yourself. I've two manned it obviously and I don't see how soloing it as a warrior would be possible.

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    I got lucky when I tried RoS p2 with gurthalak. Got tentacle procs and they ate some of the blinds B-)

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    Just gonna pop this in here:

    Complete Guide to soloing Black Temple

    It's from the monk-forum, so obviously some of the tactics aren't aimed for warriors, but it's still a good read.

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