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    Warrior or DK (or Warlock)?

    I've never played the above classes to max level before and am considering one. I'm mostly a PvP player, although pve viability is also nice to have.
    I enjoy BG's very much, and I've never played a flag carrier role. So i'm interested in rolling a class that is capable of doing that if i want to try something new.

    I first asked this on PvP forum, but had no response. So i figured i'd ask each respective class. So here's hoping to get some feedback on the class from you warriors

    So, between warriors and DK's (with 5.1 patch coming in mind), which class would you rather roll? Or I am also interested in leveling my warlock to 90. I've never seriously played a lock before but with many changes they got in MoP, they do seem pretty interesting also.
    At the moment, I'm most interested in warrior, but the tricks that locks and DK's also seem quite fun to play with.

    I'm guessing warriors won't be cooldown-stacking one shot hero every 5 minutes come 5.1 (or will they? xD) but i think their mobile melee playstyle is still fun (as opposed to a rogue that i have... let's not go there).
    I've seen a lot of warrior lately, but..
    How are DK's? And warlocks? They are some of the least played classes out there (we all know DKs had their days).

    As far as a DK is concerned, what's a fun spec to play with? I know frost brings a lot of damage, but what are their weaknesses? Also, how's Unholy now (and in 5.1).

    Lastly, i'm wondering what's a fun spec for warlocks that's viable. I'm not too interested in destro one-shot wonder, but I do find Demonology interesting (and possible flag carrying in random BG's). The idea of caster flag carrying is pretty fun to play around in PUG's.

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    I would go with DK, since they are kind of like a warrior and warlock rolled into one class. They are good flag carriers and all around pretty strong in each aspect of the game: PvE, PvP, soloing content, etc.

    I haven't played one in years so I have no idea how the specs play anymore.
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    Fun varies from person to person. I like warlocks but dislike DKs.

    Frost dk is still the same in pvp, glass cannons. Pve is decent dps.

    Pvp, locks are meh atm. If you can get off chaos bolt casts, Destro is pretty good. Demo is a rape train every 2 minutes. Aff got gutted in pvp unfortunately. In 5.1 there may be a slight nerf to demo meta not too sure how bad it is.

    So for bgs, demo and Destro are very good.

    Warriors atm are of course you know out there destroying anything that moves, though not sure how it's gonna turn out in 5.1

    For bgs all 3 will do well

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    I've never been playing serious on anything else than my warrior, and I never stop having fun on my warrior.
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