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    What to pair with enchanting in MoP

    So yesterday, i levled my enchanting from 0-600. I WAS skinning / mining; but quickly realized how worthless those were (especially skinning). I have a good abundance of gold, so that's not an issue either. What would be the best profession to pair with enchanting? I *think* i narrowed it down between JC/Inscription -- since I have another character already herbing/mining.

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    Gamdwelf the Mage

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    What class are you?
    As a warlock Im tailoring and enchanting - make clothes - DE them
    You could always pick tailoring if your a cloth wearer (plus doesn't need another prof to gather mats). BSing if your plate (but then would need mining in a way). or LW if your leather (again would need skinning)

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    Enchanting / tailoring is pretty good for spellcasters (mage, warlock, priest, elemental & resto shaman, balance & restoration druid, mistweaver monk, holy paladin) if you care about pve bonuses. If you care about goldmaking then it's a lot more complicated, people will usually recommend you to pair it up with JC for ore shuffle and level a miner / herbalist alt too.

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