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    Melee range problems?

    So I'm playing a warrior and I kind of like it so don't take it that I'm somehow complaining. I'm just asking, if there are any tricks for better survival since certain type of mobs are a problem. Some come alone, some come in groups, but I have to be extremely careful or plainly run away and hope to heal just a bit to be able to attack a few times and hopefully kill.

    Is there anything I can do against mobs that stun? I can pick some stability skill, but often this is not a real solution since picking it causes me to lose some other skill. Not to mention, if these mobs come with a group. I get knocked on the ground or stand still there unable to do anything for perhaps even 1-3secs. If mob is alone I can in most cases just wait for it to go away, but if there are more than one mob those 1-3 seconds might cause me to lose most of my hp. Not to mention, if its longer stun I might not be able to do anything and go from full hp to zero.

    What about mobs that do aoe? For example some big veterans or champion fights? Sometimes it is not possible to see, if there is even any cast animation to indicate its coming. Often during big fights I see ranged spamming stuff at safe range while I dodge around and throw in attacks.

    What about mobs that deal loads of damage in short time at melee range. As an example I can say some pirates in certain areas have "fast attack". If I dont see them start it, I might go from 100% hp to under 50% in moments and that is only if there is just one.

    Now these are just examples. Are these just something melee just have to deal with or is there something I can do about it? Is it perhaps no different for ranged? I sometimes try to shoot, but that hardly optimal.

    Any help or tricks are appreciated! You can also tell I just suck, if that is the truth.

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    Most mobs charge the knockback/stun skill they're going to use, so it's quite easy to dodge them and avoid getting into too much trouble

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    That's what utility skills are for, I'm afraid switching one of yours is entirely the correct choice. Go for a stun breaker or stability and you'll win in the end.

    And for AoE damage, well, the 30 Vitality trait that adds heals to shouts deals with it quite perfectly.

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    there are also rifles and bows, just to mention your opportunities to not let them get into your melee range...

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    A stunbreaker might be the solution for stuns/knockbacks.
    I play a melee guardian and one of the utility skills I use most outside instances is judge's intervention, mainly because it burns and breaks stuns.
    Stability or dodging at the right moment is a solution aswell, but returning from a knockback with a counterstrike is a whole lot of fun.
    Another thing I might want to add is circle strafing. This is very effective on groups of mobs and mobs with charging attacks in general.

    The only thing I could really recommend against mobs with heavy aoe is a ranged weapon.
    If it's a field, you can dodge out as soon as it appears and if it's a cone in front of the opponent, circle strafing is your best friend.
    However, if it's a blast of some sort, stick to ranged.

    As for mobs that deal lots of damage over a short period, just stay on your toes and dodge as soon as it starts.
    You should be able to avoid most of the hits if your reaction time is low enough.
    Besides that, circle strafing. Most mobs attack in a cone in front of them and can't move without aborting the attack, so circle strafing will really help you with that.
    If you still have problems with fast attacks, go ranged on those mobs.
    I remember those annoying musquitos with their fast attacks and on those I either took the hits or went ranged.
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    For tough mobs (especially difficult vets w/out adds) I start with rifle and then my GS. (Pardon me not knowing my ability names)

    - Kill a few mobs around you so you have full adrenaline
    - Start with your F1 ability and whittle the baddie down while it walks towards you. When it is in range (but not in your face) knock it away and start over until it is close once more
    - Switch to GS and use throw-sword-thinggie ability then whirlwind away. The whirlwind allows you to dispatch any adds. If there are any adds left use 100-blades(?) to finish them off
    - Use rush ability to hit mob and hit it with your GS F1 ability
    - Dodge away
    - If still not dead switch to Rifle and knock it away
    - Rinse and repeat

    I run a full-signet build (more power and crit when they are up) but I still use them if I am dazed and I need a quick escape. This has worked well for me so far. Good luck!
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    I'm using this: http://www.gw2db.com/skill-builds/1393-warrior
    Use a ranged weapon in your 2nd slot, there are mobs that are way better to kill if just kited around.
    I'm able to soak most of the damage from dungeon runs with that build, as for my gear I'm using a "knight" set, it gives me Power, Precision & toughness.
    Quick note, I’m not using the banner of str anymore… I switch it to stomp/charge depending on what I need.

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    Most of the time keeping on the move and circeling the targets will not only cut down on the damage you take but will dodge most stuns. Very few mobs have stuns that either seek you out or are near instant. Sometimes you'll face a mob with shield bash but or just a really quick stun/knockdown and I'd carry a stunbreak skill for those, I favor shake it off but there are other options. Most of the rest have really long chargeups and if your circle behind them while they are chargeing they waste it on mid air. Other than that make sure you have a ranged weapon on hand for those times when your faceing something you really dont want to get close to. You dont have to use it as your default second set all the time, just plan ahead if you know your about to face something nasty.

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    I'd go with what Merendel says, circle strafing is very potent strategy combine it with longbow or rifle and you can solo champions (it just takes a bit of time), Shake it off breaks stun and removes a condition. So if you are knocked back or stunned just hit it and you should get up straight away. Personally I pick Last Stand and Turtle's Defence traits for extra protection, Last stand activates Balanced Stance when you are dazed, knocked down, launched, pushed back, or stunned. While Turtle's Defense helps you get through it (+200 toughness) if you get hit with a cripple, chill, stun or immobilized.

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    doing a tight circle around most melee mobs will let you hit them while running, and the mobs will stop and turn to face you about every second so just keep running i find it keeps a good amount a damage off of me, but i do agree warriors need to be a bit tankier, sure we CAN put out some damage but with warriors you either do damage or are able to live about 10 seconds longer then another person, and guardians can be absurdly tanky and still put out damage at an alarming rate.
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