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    How to play with Fire?

    So, got my mage to lvl 90 and im wondering how fire is played correctly?
    Fire is my fave spec so change is not an option.

    What kind of rotation should i use?
    Is crit THE stat to go?
    Is living bomb the one to use?
    What glyphs you recommend?
    And what talents should i pick?

    Thanks for the tips and answers

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    these are my talents and glyphs for my fire mage. I need to swap out evocation now though as i don't have it as a spell anymore.

    I'm finding,(and i think this is the idea) that your talents are based on how you like to play. Not many of them effect your dps too much but can help you surive longer etc. I would say living bomb is very important for a fire mage though.

    I'm no expert but i use this below as my rotation for a single target fight.

    Living bomb, which needs to be refreshed after it explodes
    Fireball, until either heating up procs or you get pyroblast
    if heating up procs look to use inferno blast to trigger pyroblast
    and any time pyroblast procs use pyroblast.

    Combustion - i tend to use this after i land pyroblast and my dots are up on the target. ( ignite and pyroblast, i read it doesnt take into account living bomb now though)

    I use run of power, if you chose to then get it down early and look to stand in it at all times. You can cast two, so look to recast and your other runs out.

    Mirror Mage- i use it straight away on boss fights, just reuse on cooldown.

    Alter time - theres a thread about it, but i find either use it to heal up after a boss does aoe( or alot of dmg) or use it as pyroblast procs and then you get another straight after. You can use it with time warp as well.

    Time warp, use it when the group wants it or when you see fit.
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    I wish people would do some reasearch in to their own class once in a while.
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    Gunhound, isn't that exactly what he's doing here? I don't see the problem to be honest =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunhound45 View Post

    I wish people would do some reasearch in to their own class once in a while.
    I am. Thats why i am here. Thanks to the first post now i know. And your post is very helpful too.
    And no other idiots like me can read these tips from here

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    15% Hit if you plan on raiding this week.
    You do want mad int, and reach the lowest haste breakpoint raid buffed which is 3056.
    Afterwards Crit is your sexiest stat.

    Your rotation consist of applying your mage tier 6 Talent, Rune of Power or Evocation buff. You then begin your aggressive spells, first your mage bomb i.e Molten Armor or Nether Tempest.(Nether Tempest does slightly more single target dps on bosses with 1-2 adds to cleave, where as living bomb's explosion is the better choice if the boss has adds or addition targets that exceed 3.) Once the bomb is applied you now do addition damage with all direct damage fire spells, keep this buff up at all times. If you're casting a fireball and it isn't there stop, you're doing it wrong. Begin casting your fireball and start building your ignite dot. (Ignite is like a spell bleed that stacks with Fireballs and Pyroblast damage, critical strikes obviously build larger ignites, which is why crit is so good.) Your pyroblasts are now very important when building up your dots on the target for Combustion. Instead of living bomb being a huge part of Combustion, it's now your pyroblast dot that takes up a good chunk of it, so as well as building a good ignite, you want to try and achieve a nice pyroblast crit for your Combustion to be ready for use. Obviously you want nice procs before casting combustion, such as haste, tailoring cloak, trinket procs etc. as many as you can achieve at once. Once your ignite is large enough and you've achieved a some what good Pyroblast crit, you use Combustion, to basically gather both the ignite damage and Pyroblast dot, and achieve a much greater Burst of damage, as well as burn over time.
    Glyphs are all mostly cosmetic, meaning they don't increase your dps or anything, they're just helpful with other things, such as pvping, doing dailies, and just fun stuff around org. The one manditory glyph is Glyph of Fire Blast, essential for cleaving. I also use glyph of Evo so my Rune of Power heals me for slighty constantly, if you use Invocation it heals you for a good amount throughout it's duration channel. Third I use glyph of Combustion, I haven't confirmed it's more dps, but it hits harder and the duration of it's dot is doubled, but it's CD is doubled as well. Take it as you will. As for the minor, that's all up to you. Talents imo should be Presence of Mind 90sec Pyroblast CD, Ice Barrier, Ring of Frost for it's cc ability, Cauterize for surviving new boss mechanics, you might not have mastered yet. Living Bomb, simply because the boss may or may not have additional adds, but Nether Tempest has a habit of cleaving near-by CC'd targets, also it's dps increase over Living Bomb is very small. Rune of Power is my choice, simply because it's less of a hassle to keep up and the 1.5 sec cast is amazing imo, even if you have to move, you get that dps loss back with the 15% extra damage. You no longer have to worry about your mana, and it constantly heals you with the glyph.(Very little, but it's nice when doing dailies and what not.) Hope this helps and saves you from tons of research.
    Gems are still, Burning Meta, Brilliant cut for Red, Veiled cut for blue if you need the hit, or the socket bonus is trash, otherwise use Brilliant. And for yellow Potent cut.
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