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    Quote Originally Posted by chadiu View Post
    I kinda wish we got playable Jinyu (for alliance) and Hozen (for horde), instead of a neutral Pandaren race.
    Perhaps now, but if that's what actually happened everyone (yourself included) would of been going WTF??!! when they announced two total unknowns as playable races. The Pandaren might of not had all that much lore before MoP, but at least they've been in the Warcraft universe for awhile.

    Anyways for a future expansion, I'd say both are possible, although Jinyu would be considerably more workable. The Jinyu already have a culture with established ties to the Alliance, and while we'd probably have to add in a new tribe to truly make them playable, most of the groundwork is done.

    The Saurok on the other hand have the problem of being uncivilized barbarians of only nominal intelligence. We'd need to create a tribe that is very different from the ones we've encountered so far on Pandaria. They can still be pretty warlike, but it needs to be possible for whatever faction they join to reason with them. It's not impossible (we got playable Worgen after all), but it does mean we won't get your typical Saurok.
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    I'd rather see Horde finally get Ogres. But Saurok is a race I can easily see fitting the Horde.
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    I think Jinyu are a happy medium between people who want Naga (who have too many technical limitations with their tails) or Murlocs (who are too stupid). However, I don't think Saurok should be playable. They are too savage and I don't see them joining a faction. Hozen, perhaps.

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    The horde counterpart to Jinyu is Hozen. Perhaps the OP mislabeled this poll.

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    I don't think we'll see these races much again after Mists ends, but I think they're both cool.

    Hozen seems more likely for Horde than Saurok, though.
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