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    Warrior AoE

    Anyone else think Warrior AoE might be a little overpowered? I'm not sure. I'm interested to see your opinions.
    (I'm a Warrior.)
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    I predict an incoming nerf aswell. AOE appears to be a little too strong.

    Most likely Whirlwind that is going to get nerfed I suppose, might nerf Meat Cleaver in a way where your RB doesn't hit additional targets for the full amount.

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    Have you been in a group with a 1/2 decent Demo Warlock yet? We have nothing on them when it comes to AOE DPS...

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    and ppl asking for warr nerfs now pls help us chuck norris

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    I believe nobody is asking for one, but apart from Demo Warlocks, NOTHING comes even close.

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    Don't take away my 50-100k AoE damage pleaseeeeeee. Let me be a true effing warrior for once instead of an emasculated one

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    No since there is no real base for comparison unless you are counting current five man performance and beta experience.

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    please don't
    blizz has its eyes everywhere....

    had a monk in group yesterday doing 150k dps on trash by clicking 1 button...
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    our aoe is pretty funny, reck + bloodbath + SS + bladestorm + frag bomb + g91 = ridiculous dmg

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjolnir1122 View Post
    Don't take away my 50-100k AoE damage pleaseeeeeee. Let me be a true effing warrior for once instead of an emasculated one
    As an arms warrior im pretty curious, what is your 150K AOE rotation? I really feel I lack AOE skills after Bladestorm has become a talent. I choose dragonroar as baseline for better singletarget(boss) DPS, and cant pull decent numbers when it comes to AOE

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    What, nothing even comes close? You haven't played with frostmages doing 150-200k aoe dps haven't you? With bladestorm I can hit over 100-150k but lets face it, without BS it's under 100k most of the time, and that means I can't compete with few classes on every trash pack. And i'm not talking about spending things like Avatar and Recklessness for trash, since the other classes don't have to waste their cooldowns either. Bloodpath could be an option though.

    So far Survival hunters, Demo warlocks and Frost mages have better constant aoe than my Warrior, even while i'm abusing it with Bone link fetish (yeah, it can be easily 15% of my AOE dps what is funny). If you want nerfs for warriors, those have to get them too...
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    tbh I think tank AoE (and damage as a whole) is worse ... was in a group with a DK that was pulling 130K DPS by using D&D, Pestilence to spread diseases and spaming Blood Boil .....

    blood boil was hitting for 20K+ and critting for WAY more. I could only keep up when I had bladestorm, other than that it was all him.

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    Warrior AOE is fine if not a little behind on other classes.

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    It's a LOT behind other classes if you don't choose AoE minded talents like Bladestorm and Bloodbath. Right now as an Arms warrior I have Dragon Roar and Avatar so I can hit around 50K-60K DPS on AoE packs if Berserker rage lines up.

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    Warriors and Warlocks have always had the niche of being pretty strong AoE classes, they're fine now but I don't think disproportionately so compared to some of the strengths of other classes. Personally I think it's nice to have whirlwind back after the horrible mess it was in cata, I always saw it as a trademark ability of the fury warrior. A thread like this worries me because I don't think whirlwind could afford a nerf and still be a relevant ability to use.

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    just on a sidenote, Fury seems to be way stronger than Arms in terms of AOE damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synicaly View Post
    just on a sidenote, Fury seems to be way stronger than Arms in terms of AOE damage.
    Depends on how long the AOE fight is, and how many adds TBH.

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    Overpowered? Not at all, it was nice right before 5.04 when you'd hit bladestorm with gurthalak watch the numbers fly and tentacles pop. But now not so much my ele shaman does rocks consistent aoe damage, without using cd's whereas on my warrior I have to hope to get a big pack as bladestorm comes off cd to keep my competitve.

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    Warriors are finally balanced we have insane burst but then for 3 minutes hit like babies, im cool with that.

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    If you are talking about AoE.

    Here we go
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast Bloodbath
    /cast Recklessness
    /cast Blade Storm
    After that Leap+Whirlwind ...

    You can do that every 1.5 minutes and every 5minutes with recklessness. The dragon thingy is not needed to do some serious AoE just another option.
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