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    I don't care about the retro-JP fix, besides the fact that I had to scrap gear together to do heroics that Wednesday :P

    But it honestly isn't a big deal, sure you can't use THOSE jp rewards, but down the line, you'll have your rep required and you'll get on the train for the next trickle down tier of rewards.

    Oh well, epics will be epic for a few weeks at least, until they get thrown on the JP vendors for dirt.

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    Where the fuck are the PvP Vendors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadzy View Post
    Where the fuck are the PvP Vendors?
    On the wall between Kunlai and Townlong

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    Quote Originally Posted by ganush View Post
    On the wall between Kunlai and Townlong
    Yes, from what I understand that is where their corpses can be found.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    No one ever bought JP gear because it's i450. By the time you'd reach honored you'd most likely have something better.
    Personally I had 4000 JP, unable to spend any of it.

    Difference between now and "back in the days", is that bad design is fixed, even if it means more accessibility to entry level gear (oh no..)
    Yes it been replaced with a broken model that removes real progression causing bordem.

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    Requiring honored with those factions for that stuff was stupid, dunno how they let that get past BETA and there's still epic pieces to earn among other things.

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    Heroic 5s are not easy enough. Gota have that JP gear for them.

    Its a good change because alot of people will have majority 463+ gear before they get honored making JP useless, but the reasoning blizzard gave is just stupid considering how faceroll heroics are.

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    That girl that cosplays the Dryad is so incredibly cute.

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    There are WAY more probems that need to be fixed concerning pet battle.

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    MMO Champ you can try to get the curse youtube video's on the frontpage when they're fresh?
    The "Mists of Pandaria Launch Event" youtube vid was from september 28, that's 4 days ago.

    MMO Champ is knows for being the fastest and most complete with putting up WoW news, that's a major reason why you have many loyal fans. Try to do the same with the youtube video's and you'll be even more awesome and live up to your own standards! Cheers

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    I like hotdogs and cocacola

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