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    Guard - To Glyph or Not to Glyph, that is the question

    Which way are most of you BM's going? Currently I am 86 (one quest away from 87 when servers shut down) and using the glyph. Wondering what other BM's are doing and what there experience is like. I have always used the glyph so not sure how well we survive magic attacks without it. I am really good about picking up my healing spheres and keep shuffle up, need some work on keeping elusive brew up (will come with knowing the fights a bit more I think). What has me wondering about the glyph is there are very few times that it drops off early and tend not to worry about power strikes for the stronger guard.

    Anyways, would like to hear the thoughts of other BM's on this ability/glyph usage.

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    Uhh...for heroics and the like? Non glyphed. However, fights like Lei Shi? Holy shit yes, using that glyph.

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    Some fights it will help. Some fights it won't. The idea behind glyphs is that they're easy to swap out.

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    The glyph is situational and must be used for magic-heavy fights to maintain optimal tanking. - My two cents

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    Maybe it is time for me to put together a list of bosses for recommended Guard (Glyph/No Glyph) and Tier 5 Talent usage. Switching this stuff out when running with the guild is easy. Doing randoms is another story, groups just seem to want to go go go with no thought anything else. Never fails that if you stop to change something out a dps will pull the next group. Normally I let them die before picking up the mobs (after 1 warning), some learn/some don't. Will be glad when I am only running guild groups again, so much hate for randoms and the people you encounter in them.

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    Monks seems to have very low magic damage mitigation without the glyph, so I think they were designed to swap it in and out as needed.

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    Switch as needed. I've started carrying stacks of the Tome for this reason.

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    You'll also be shuffling between Dampen Harm and Diffuse Magic often for this same reason.

    Is the major danger in a particular fight magic-based? The obvious example for this round of raiding being Lei Shi, but also applies to situations like big spike dragon breaths. Remember Sarth+3? The major hurdle for a lot of people was having their tanks get owned in the face by Sarth's superpowered breath. In situations like these, glyphed Guard and Diffuse Magic are king.

    Is magic damage not a particularly life-threatening aspect? Sure, you may take some magic damage through most fights, but if they're not the "centrepiece", as it were, then you'll want to keep Guard unglyphed for sure so it's actually useful in soaking melee hits, and use Dampen Harm for the same reason.
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    90% of the time it'll be unglyphed. However, you'll come across a magic heavy fight where it'll save your life. So yeah, carry around a couple stacks of tomes and switch when appropriate.

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    I was thinking to get it glyphed for most soloing old content where I'll prefer to get the passive self heal boost over an absorb shield that quickly is burned down by mele attacks.
    For regular play though - mostly unglyphed, don't see a reason to get it when it's hardly mitigating anything.
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