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    Trinkets for frost?

    I was just wondering if anyone has looked at the available trinkets and made a list with which are better?

    I'm a 2H frost dk, 463 ilvl equipped, Currently have access to the Coren direbrew trinket, the engineering trinket, the STR/crit on proc trinket, and the Expertise and STR on use trinkets.

    I know that the Expertise trinket is most likely the best out of those four, but I am a little unsure with where the engineering and the coren direbrew trinkets stand in relation to the STR/crit proc trinket.

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    Ive seen a list on elitistjerks but the coren direbrew trinket isnt there, so i dont know what to use

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    The Brewfest trinket is horrible, don't fall into the ilvl trap.

    There are really only two good trinkets that aren't epic right now. The exp/str on use and str/crit proc trinkets.

    If you're rich or want to farm, obviously the Darkmoon trinket (which you can get next weekend) will be solid for all of this raiding tier, for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harzaka View Post
    Ive seen a list on elitistjerks but the coren direbrew trinket isnt there, so i dont know what to use
    That is because its a seasonal piece, I don't think that they usually theorycraft those.

    OP: I have been using Coren Direbrews trinket (the Crit with AP proc) and have seen an increase over the Heroic ones, I don't know about the Engineering one though.

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    Honestly, the Direbrew trinket is kinda terrible. From what I understand its got an ICD of 60 seconds, so its only worth a flat 1694 attack power. With it reforged to expertise, the trinket is worth 3504.57 (going by mrrobot's stat weights, since EJ doesn't have AP listed).

    Hit, expertise and haste are just too valuable to pass up at our current gear levels so a dragonling is worth approximately 3702.

    The trinket off Gandling, 847 expertise/4232 str 2min cd is worth approximated 3993.66 and finally the Carbonic Carbuncle, 847 str/3386 crit 105 sec ICD is worth 3561.5.

    While you haven't mentioned it, Daelo's Final Words (751 hit/6358 str 10sec/90) is also something people should consider. Its worth approximately 3643.53.

    TLDR (if Mr. Robot's stat weights can be trusted)
    Lesson's of the Darkmaster - 3993.66
    Ghost Iron Dragonling (600 hit/exp/haste) - 3702
    Daelo's Final Words - 3643.53
    Carbonic Carbuncle - 3561.5
    Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster - 3504.57

    Your mileage my vary depending on your gear set up!

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