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    Lack of Hunter love?

    Would. REALLY like a blue reply to shed some light on this burning questions I've had for so long.

    So I've been "Maining" Hunters since basically vanilla. I understand that way back when,pickings were REALLY slim on the pet choices. Models were simpler and there were TONS less of them.

    My questions are,Whats with the basic "tease and long overdue" that Hunters ALWAYS seem to be faced with?

    Every day i check Petopia and what not to see what new pets or skins we Hunters will be getting. Before Mists came out I couldnt have been more excited for EVERY SINGLE PET AVAILABLE. Now that I've played Mists and read more into things and have seen more and more of the world,I ponder to myself...

    "Theres Mushans and Hoppers/Vermin (Humanoid? Really?) After how many years of waiting are Basilisks (Basically Crocolisks) FINALLY tameable.
    What do we get? -- "Porcupines,Goats,Cranes (ANOTHER Bird? REALLY?),Basilisks (Overdue),Water Striders (Overdue) and Quilen (best so far).

    Wheres the rest of our "Overdue" (Giraffes,Kodos,Hydras) and "Teases" (Flame Dogs in RFC etc. Elementals?) ALSO I saw a Beaver in Jade Forest and went "Beavers are great, and awesome,Yet we get goofy looking Porcupines?"

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    have you tried taming the new rares? i got the white tiger the other day, was good fun.

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    First of all, nobody here will ever be possible to give you a "blue" answer post. You have to go to the offical forums. Secondly I reccomend you to rephrase your post as it is not very constructive at the current state and might be read, but will probably not be answered as it rather resembles someones christmas wishlist than feedback.

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    What some Hunters would love as a pet others will hate, so I suppose they can't really just go an add everything. Things like flame dogs are elementals, so that stretches the idea a bit. I think we were lucky enough with Shale Spiders to be honest, but they can't go adding every elemental beast creature. Things like demon dogs should have stayed demons imo.

    As for the Vermin, yeah they're humanoids. They even talk, sure its low common, but they speak. They're sentient beings, and should not be tamable. Otherwise people would then start asking for murlocs and gorlocs and hozen and kobolds as pets etc etc.

    For the vast majority of it all, a hunter pet should just be a beast. Not an elemental or demon or animalistic looking humanoids, etc etc. In the end we'd be overloaded with choices that just don't make sense.

    Basilisks were indeed overdue. Giraffes and Kodos... I can't see those happening personally but I suppose they're more possible than others. We got Rhinos so a Kodo/Clefthoof wouldn't be a far stretch. Hydras seem to be highly popular, I wouldn't want myself, but I'm surprised they weren't added this expansion. I'm also surprised that rams weren't put in with the goats.

    I wouldn't say Hunters aren't getting pet love. We've still got a huge range to pick from and plenty of stable space.

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