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    [A] Contempt of Sargeras LF Hunter/Shaman for 10-man Raiding

    About <Contempt>:
    - Guild Focus: 10-man PvE Raiding
    - Server: US-Sargeras (PvP), CST, High Population
    - Raid Times: Tues-Wed 7:00PM- 10:00PM CST
    - Voice Communication: Mumble
    - Website: TBD

    <Contempt> is an Alliance progression raiding guild on the US Sargeras (US-PVP) Server.

    The core leadership were Horde prior to faction changing with the GM being a Firelord and Savior (horde toon is still on Illidan).

    While World of Warcraft is a game, we play it to succeed.

    Competition as a group is very important to us, even if we're only competing against a challenge given to us by the game. Most of us have been playing together since Burning Crusade.

    We are a social group; to us having fun is our first priority above everything else, and we believe that playing the game to beat it is fun, and we like to chat and talk while doing so.

    In our eyes, loot is a tool used to win the game. This is similar to fire flowers or giant mushrooms in Mario Brothers. Though we believe that skill comes first, and gear comes second, we do expect members to maintain their gear at the highest level possible, with enchants and gems.

    We also strive to be a drama-free guild. Those who enjoy socializing during raids, and can keep raid concentration even during conversations, should enjoy our guild atmosphere very much.

    However, those who are too easily offended by minor issues, and people who cause larger issues, will not find <Contempt> to be a good fit.

    Member Expectations
    All raiders in <Contempt> are heavily encouraged to show up to all scheduled raids and log-in 15-30 minutes early.

    Raiders should know the fights, and be able to learn new strategies and tactics quickly. Those who manage to stay above the learning curve will see success with us. We expect anyone who runs with us to play to the best of their ability, and maintain the team mindset throughout.

    Members are also expected to be tolerant and respectful. Though our language moderation is lower, we will not tolerate hostility or malice towards fellow players of WoW. People who are laid-back socially, should be comfortable with <Contempt>.

    What we are looking for:

    We want players who want to be here. To focus as a team. If one player fails, we all fail. Give every fight your all and play like it's a kill, even if it looks like a wipe. It's not about the gear, it's about downing content as a team.

    If you have an idea or see something happening, let us know. Be vocal, but in a respectful manner and do not over-talk people, especially the raid leader. A microphone and willingness to communicate with the guild is a huge plus.

    We are still in the growing stages of this guild and as such are looking for exceptional players to add to our core video game team.

    Currently Need:
    Shaman, Restoration

    Even if your class/role is not listed above, feel free to contact me in game, as we are ALWAYS looking for valuable players to add to our roster! We will continue to recruit past our needs for a 10 man core group. We have no problem forming two 10 man groups, we as do others have many geared alts.

    If we get enough members, we are not opposed to forming a 25 man reg group, even if we need to pug a few players here and there, but our main focus at the launch of MoP is to progress through 10 man content competitively!

    We also strive for all the various achievements in our down time as well as helping fellow guildies grind to get caught up with the group, help with professions, as well as provide honest suggestions.

    We love PvP, mostly BGs, some Arenas. If we get enough people that are into PvP, I would love to form a rated BG team, as well as form several guild Arena teams!

    Thanks for your time in reading this, if your interested please talk to Rhapsodii, Jettaeli, Grapeade in-game or hit me up on my battletag -- bigfella#1677

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    Are you guys still recruiting? PM sent.
    Necroshie - Affliction Warlock of Sargeras (US) Alliance

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