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    DW Frost Levelling / Dungeon Talents & Rotation?


    I'm really sorry about dropping the newbie bomb, however I've been away from my Death Knight in what seems like a lifetime.

    I logged in on my recently restored 85 Death Knight and I barely remember anything. However with the recent talent changes and patches, I'm not even sure my vague knowledge of the rotation(s) still apply. I did some searching and found no real, concrete information on this exact topic and I'm not sure whether to be looking at pre-MoP rotations or something new popped up? I heard Frost Presence is now the standard, instead of Unholy Presence but I can't confirm it.

    So could any kind soul either point me in the right direction or outline some basics regarding a DW Frost Build. I'm thinking single / AoE rotation, stats focus / priority, glyphs and lastly the talents - Any of the talents better than others for my situation? Perhaps the new talents are truly optional but a friend of mine mentioned some classes do have certain talents that are head and heels above the other available.

    I'm really sorry if I missed a similar topic.


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    Frost DKs DPS in Frost Pres now.

    DW is masterfrost now. 2h Is haste frost. So that means you want to gear for as much as mastery as you can get and use a rotation that does more frost damage.
    Rotation I am using for max dps in dungeons is diseases > howling blast (proc) > frost strike (proc)> oblit (proc if no RP) > frost strike > howling blast > oblit.

    However questing, is mostly burst. Through diseases if you have outbreak or another no rune disease method available, if not. Just click the shiny buttons and then oblit and howling blast. Use your cooldowns as often as you can.

    Spec and Glyphs dont matter a whole lot before level cap. But I like unholy blight as a 2nd and aoe outbreak, Lichborne for clutch heals, and glyph of dark succor is a must for questing.

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    I facerolled my way to 90 as DW Frost. Its probably the best spec in the game to level. Make sure you glyph Dark Succor and the glyph that resets your Death Grip after a kill. You will want to pity your fellow Priest or Balance Druid taking 20 seconds just to kill one enemy while you can kill 4 enemies in 20 seconds. Here's my quick faceroll guide to get you started.

    Honestly, if you're leveling don't worry about stats. Just make sure you're at least hit capped.

    Use Blood Tap, Plague Leech, Death Pact, Lichborne, Third Tier doesn't matter. I used Deaths Advance just to move around faster. Chillbaines is good if you want to kite shit you don't want to fight. Remorseless Winter is at 90 and is literally the best thing to faceroll even more. When you get to 90 and you have to do dailies and want them done quick, RW will be your best friend.

    Anyway, if there's a quest that makes you run into 15 enemies to collect one thing, just pull them all and pop army of the dead. It'll seriously save you so much time. I got Loremaster of Pandaria just because how fast and fun DK leveling is. Frost DK's are seriously more furious than a Fury Warrior by having that 1 second GCD.

    My rotation went something like this. Horn of Winter > Howling Blast > Howling Blast > Plague Strike > Obliteratex2 > Frost Strike > Frost Strike > Frost Strike > Blood Tap > Obliterate > Frost Stike > Dead mob > (Boss) Plague Leech > Outbreak > Obliterate > Frost Strike > Blood Tap > ect

    Its not the DW rotation but I think it kills shit fast. Obliterate still hits hard with DW. Oh yeah and never open with Outbreak. If you get rune starved, just use Plague Leech > Outbreak. If its a boss quest mob just use a pvp trinket and pillar of Frost and then open up with Frost fever and blood plague. Make sure to use empower rune weapon for more damage and burst to kill those boss mobs quick.

    Another thing I forgot to mention is that if you pull more than 3 enemies, use Pestilence and DnD. The dot damage will tick enough to the point that when you get to the 3rd enemy, it should be halfway dead and you can almost get a quick dark succor heal chain that will top you off.

    EDIT : Use Fallen Crusader on Main hand and Razorice on offhand. If you find a better two hander, just use Fallen Crusader.

    Have fun. I know I did.
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    Its actually Razorice main hand, Fallen Crusader offhand as DW frost. However, since lvling is nothing but short burst windows, I swapped to 2h myself. Those 80k obliterates at lvl 85 are handy vs mobs with about 120k hp

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    Hunty, you should always be 2H. DW now is useless unless you don't have a similar stat / str / ilvl item.

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    Yes, I intend to stay 2H, however the thread asks DW specifically. On a sidenote, I did downgrade from dual heroic souldrinkers to a normal gurth for lvling.

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    Meh. Either way the scaling off H SD is shit.
    DW overall is pointless.

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    Sorry about the late reply, I really appreciate the answers everyone.

    I used some of the tactics and rotations listed, I am cutting through mobs like it's nobodies business but I do seem to keep hitting this weird wall where I'm completely starved of anything to attack with, then I can look at a mob for a few seconds until an attack is ready - I don't remember that from my previous DK days, probably because I'm a scrub.

    As for the last replies - I was under the impression that DW and 2H was very close and a preference matter? Mainly the reason why I asked for a DW rotation setup, as I have this thing for DWing. I wouldn't mind switching to 2H however if that netted me a DPS boost or a more smooth killing experience, is that the case? Also how would that rotation look, similar to the ones described above?

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    Yes, they sim quite close in a longer term singletarget fight indeed. However, if you run up to a mob, hit outbreak+death grip and smack it with a 90k obliterate you're pretty much done already, as opposed to hitting like 3 or 4 HB's. Basically, 2H is now hastefrost and DW is masterfrost. 2H has far more downtime in the rotation, but since you spend that downtime moving mob to mob you'll be better off that way.
    As for a 2h rotation, pull with outbreak/unholy blight/howling blast and then just obliterate/frost strike as you have resources. Possibly open with soul reaper, depending.

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