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    PvP as a Balance Druid

    Hey fellow Druids

    My Druid has always been my main PVE character (Been playing tank since BC with her). I have been pretty active in PvP with other characters (Dk, Hunter, Priest) but growing bored I don't PvP with my main character and have to dilute my gaming time in between alts.
    Bottom line, this season, I want to PvP as a Druid.

    One of my friends playing a Disc Priest, I was looking at Balance as several new changes to the spec in MoP are exciting - on paper.

    Can you guys please share some feedback about Balance PvP? Like I said, want to play my Druid, not looking for the FOTM. Especially looking for input on the following questions:
    - "Rotation" & Gameplay seems to rely on 6/7 damage techniques outside of CDs and CCs. I am surprised by how complicated it seems on paper, esp compared to other classes that rotate their damage through half the skills, leaving more brain bandwidth for reaction/strategy. Not looking for faceroll spec but worried at the design that requires twice the effort to get same results than other classes.
    - Any 2v2 recommendations for Partners? I was planning to enroll my Rogue friend, Rogue/Boomkin seems fun (Cyclone, Stuns, Solar Beam, root in Rogue's Cloud and symbiosis gets me Cloak of Shadows).

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    well, from what i see, bomkin aren t that great in 2v2, but can shine in 3v3.
    I m in the same boat, i want to play boomkin pvp and the only viable way i can see is find a good affli lock or fire mage (a lot better affli for dot dispel coverage) and go spellcleave.

    It s not so hard as you can think, your main goal is going in eclipse, dotting up everything, and when you see that some1 of the other team is low on hp (they should going down slowly but in the same time) cc the healer pop starfall with cds up and nuke it down.

    this strategy is supported by the fact we can give a lot of burst aoe and a nice cc chain with roots-solar beam, cyclone, fear, silence, clone again. If you can survive the initial burst of the other team the game shouldn t be difficoult.

    I suggest to pick Hotw for extra survability with insane rejuvenation and NV&HT for the initial burst.

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