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    So i have been running Holy in MOP, always was Disc...Im mloving holy

    So i have a few questions for anyone who has played holy priest in Beta...Whats a good amount of spirit to aim for in 10 man raids?... What do you find that works best for you?

    i penance the tank, renew the tank and spam Heal on tank to keep renew on him...along with the instant heal when its up...Then i cascade when raid takes damage, renew everyone and maybe circle of healing...I ONLY flash heal when someone is dropping fast. IF i need to ill alsp prayer of healing.

    Just seeing if anyone has tips on holy....also with mana

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    As much as possible is generally advised.
    I myself am aiming for 8.5k for 25m raids, which is about the most I can get from the 5 man heroics at the moment. I'll also be running Darkglow for the 3k Spirit Proc.

    I believe it will be more-or-less the same for 10m, at this stage there is no such thing as "too much spirit".

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