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    Do not check overhealing meters if you want to be optimal.

    I found a caveat. If you try to avoid overhealing in many situations you will be suboptimal. The reason for this is that in most downtimes of heavy damage there will be unused chi because of that effort. Instead it might be optimal to use that chi for autoattack healing. (and later replenishment of mana)

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    Overhealing meters have always been practically irrelevant.

    Some classes always overheal more than others (druids more than Disc priests for example) what really matters is mana management + Effective Healing!

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    Yeah, I'm the king of overheal meters, but I'm also still beating all the other healers who are 6+ item levels above me (no RAF so I only hit 90 Monday night) on the effective healing meters. Renewing Mists and Uplift are the real culprits. Using uplift to get 50k healing on the tank + some random DPS who took damage is still worth it, even if you get 100k+ overhealing from the two DPS with ReM and full health.

    P.S. Grubjuice, I like your new avatar there.

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    I looked at overhealing at first then saw it was all renewing mist and uplift. Not much we can do about that with the randomness of renewing mist. I would love to see a way to make renewing mist behave how it does now, but letting us control where it bounces. Or make it castable three times before the cooldown kicks in and remove the bounce mechanic.

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    I was overhealing like crazy (50% on Feng) and got called out by my raid leader. I had to explain to him that renewing mist, uplift, spinning crane kick, zen sphere detonate all do not care if you are at full health. They heal EVERYONE affected, and considering I haven't OoM'd on any fight up until the last few seconds of OMGWTFHEAL I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Working on Algalon dragon at the moment, but to this point my overhealing has been lower than I expected. It might be because we are carrying a pally pretty badly though, not a lot of overhealing to be done. The class does feel very-druid like in terms of potential overheal though. Its the nature of the spellbook.

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