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    Boss specific tips for protection

    Hello all. Would like to start with saying that English is not my first language and since I don’t feel like excusing for my bad grammar/word-choices you just have to deal with it. I’m Danish so I honestly doubt it can be any worse than this.


    I would like this thread to be a tools for protection Warriors around the globe to share those small tips that would make each encounter easier for us as a tank in both 10 and 25 man. I play 10 man myself, always played protection Warrior.

    You can obviously ask questions and I would love to be corrected but keep language clean and try to be clear if you got a question so it can be answered properly.

    The Stone Guard:


    1: Juggernaut/Double Time
    2: Enraged Regeneration. Semi “oh-shit” button. Can be precast if you are going to blow up the wrong boss
    3: Knock yourself out.
    4: Not done testing yet. I used Shockwave on our first kill
    5: Vigilance. Better choice than safeguard imo.
    6: I used Avatar


    Heavy Repercussion, Hold The Line, Unending Rage

    In both 10 and 25 man I’m pretty sure that the Warrior should always be the one tanking 2 bosses, at least that’s what we are doing (my fellow tank is a useless scrub DK).

    The pull

    - I pulled with Strength pot, Reck, Skull Banner, Beserker Rage, and Avatar. Use Dragon Roar when you got some vengeance ( I use a self-modified ProtWarBar to track this)

    - If you are about to lose aggro don’t hesitate to pop Vigilance on the other tank or raid member.

    The entire fight

    - When using Demoralizing Banner try to make it hit as many bosses as possible.
    - I mainly used Shield Block over Shield Barrier, unless right before an explosion.
    - Keep Sunders on all of your targets in between SS and Revenge
    - Don’t be afraid to pop Shield Wall. I recommend to have it ready for the last 20-15% as healers will be running low on mana.
    - It’s a hectic fight so try to let only the raid leader or assigned raid member call out the boss-swap.
    - Keep calm and watch the debuff on the raid and the energy on the bosses.
    - I did not find time to cast Shattering Throw on this boss.
    - As always position yourself through the fight so the melees can have maximum uptime.

    Feng the Accursed:
    1: Juggernaut
    2: Enraged Regeneration
    3: …..
    4: Dragon Roar. Best used when Enraged and a lot of Vengeance.
    5: Vigilance for extra tank CD and Vengeance. Safeguard could also prove valuable.
    6: Avatar


    Hold The Line, Unending Rage, Heavy Repecussion/Bull Rush

    The pull

    - Let the other tank pull, stack 3 sunders and use Shattering and Skull Banner.
    - Make sure that you take the Nullification Barrier
    - Taunt at when he transitions to get some Vengeance. After this we went with 2-3 stacks

    Phase 1:

    - As soon as he casts Epicenter you instantly Heroic Leap/Intervene the stacked up raid and pop Nullification barrier. You can do this on every other Epicenter.

    - If you don’t have any stacks you should always Charge and Taunt as soon as he’s done channeling (This is the reason for possibly picking the Bull Rush glyph). This is to make sure he doesn’t casts Lightning Fist on the raid who are stacked up.

    - Save some rage for when you don’t have the Nullification Barrier ready so you can mitigate. Also be ready to use Rallying Cry if some melee were slow at running out.

    - Use Shield Wall freely.
    - For max efficiency use Heroic Throw and spam your regular Throw during Epicenter.

    Phase 2:

    - Position the Boss at the opposite side of the way you got in .
    - Watch out for when he casts Draw Flame. If there’s fire behind you it will damage you on the way to the boss.
    - Use Enraged Regeneration freely but make sure you use SW or Last Stand early in the phase in order to have literally _everything_ ready for the last phase which is insane.

    - Use Nullification Barrier when you are not tanking and you are standing behind the boss with the melee and the boss still got the Draw Flame buff.
    - Spiky Vengeance so Shield Barrier can be quite useful in this phase. This can also make threat a bit weird. Get ready to use Vigilance if you are about to lose threat to the other tank. Intervene can also be used after you taunt.

    - When not tanking I dumped rage with Shield Barrier and Heroic Strike combined with Deadly Calm and Beserker Rage.

    Phase 3:

    - Hopefully you got every personal and raid wide cooldowns ready along with the Nullification Barrier.
    - Doesn’t matter who start tanking the boss.
    - Cast Shattering Throw with 3 Sunders up when not tanking. Drop Rage on Shield Barrier.
    - Rotate personal cooldowns with the taunts and tankswaps. Be vocal here.
    - We did the spread-tactic where people stand 6 yards apart and when we stacked behind the boss for Arcane Velocity I used Nullification Barrier.
    - Pop Avatar and Skull Banner sub 20%/when you use Bloodlust. Have Dragon Roar ready for when you use the Banner.
    - Stand the fuck still to avoid any confusion.

    Gara’jal the Spiritbinder:


    1: Double time or even Warbringer for when you are in the Spirit Realm
    2: ER
    3: Disrupting Shout
    4: Dragon Roar
    5: Vigilance for more Vengeance. Will try Mass Spell Reflection next time to see if the adds are affected
    6: Avatar

    The pull:

    We used BL at start as her Frenzy towards the end seemed a bit undertuned.

    - Let your other tank pull while you stack Sunders, use Skull Banner and finally cast Shattering Throw. Prepot Str potion. Taunt for a few seconds to gain some Vengeance and start smashing the boss.

    Phase 1:

    When you are in the “Normal Realm”:

    When not tanking:
    - Dps the boss as hard as you can. It has a strict timer.
    - Don’t stand near the Spirit Totems.
    - Get ready for when your other tank gets ported into the Spirit Realm and insta-taunt.

    When tanking:
    - Right after the taunt you can use Shield Wall, Demoralizing Shout and Banner freely. This is because of the Voodoo Dolls debuff that links your damage taken with other raid members.

    - I used Shield Block > Shield Barrier here.
    - Just stand still but be ready to move the boss a little if a totem spawns nearby.
    - Use Avatar early in the fight so it’s up for the execute phase.

    When you are in the Spirit Realm:

    - Instantly find the Severer of Souls and Dragon Roar him while your Vengeance is still high. Use Beserker Rage if not Enraged.
    - Due to the tight enrage timer on the boss I chose to mainly focus my own add in order to get back up and dps the boss. However, you can take a look around in the realm to see if you should finish off any low HP adds.

    - Use Disrupting Shout freely while down there.

    Phase 2, when boss hits 20%:

    - If you aren’t tanking line Avatar up with full rage bar, Beserker Rage, Recklessness, Skull Banner, and second potion and get them executes going. Use Dragon Roar while enraged and you got the SB-crit, but not during Reck. It’s a waste.

    - Use personal and raid cooldowns accordingly.

    The Spirit Kings:

    Was sitting out for this one.



    1: Juggernaut/Double Time
    2: ER
    3: Choose freely
    4: Dragon Roar/Shockwave
    5: Vigilance
    6: Avatar

    Stage one:

    - Whether you are the MT or the OT you should start by stacking Sunders asap. Always !
    - When to reset stacks can vary from guild to guild. Utilize Intervene and Heroic Leap to get out and Charge to get back in.
    - When you tank just watch your Vengeance and those awesome Shield Barriers.

    Stage two

    - Keep nuking the boss while keeping an eye on your debuff. You might want to reset right before the add spawns.
    - I saved my Dragon Roar for the last wave where I could hit multiple targets. As always, use Berserker Rage right before.
    - Nothing else, really. We got so many tools to help us reset stacks without having too much downtime.

    Stage three

    - Only thing that comes to mind is that at the very end of this stage. After you kill the last "conduct" you got some seconds before the floor respawns. As soon as it spawn you should Leap and Charge back in so the boss don't have a chance to grip the entire raid and deal semi-high AoE dmg.

    Stage one, again

    - At 50% he starts doing the AoE to the raid. Have Avatar, Reck, Skull Banner ready for sub 20% for those nice Executes.
    - Utilize Rallying Cry and Vigilance.

    Will of the Emperor

    Downed him after 2 tries so I didn't get a good view on him.

    - Watch his body and the blue animation when he does the Combo.
    - Save Cd's if you fail on the combo. It can be quite nasty if you got the add on you that stuns .

    Last note:

    Thanks for reading and please come with suggestions to more sections and more in-depth explanation or post any question you might have. You can also send me a PM if you got some really specific questions.
    Also please think your answer through before replying a Warrior-comrade. Consider if you got enough knowledge to give him a good answer and ask yourself if your reply could be useful to others.
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    - Aware your healers that you will use recklessness on the pull as they won’t have much else to heal.
    Not sure if i understood correctly, but regardless, it no longers increase damage taken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moocares View Post
    I was sitting out since it’s a 1 tank fight and the loot table is shit. Doesn’t seem like a difficult fight on normal as it went down after 2-3 tries. More coming up. Going to kill Elegon and Will of the Emperor Thursday/Sunday/Monday and update this thread.
    The boss drops a shield = loot table is shit?

    E: And why the hell do you say you dont charge at all? I cant even count how many times i charged. Every time i taunted 1 of the dogs to me (i was the one tanking one dog away from others) i always ran a little bit away and then charget it, so i could get some rage. Bad tips man.

    E2: Boss also drops tanking shoulders, does that mean the loot table is even more shittier?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkras View Post
    Not sure if i understood correctly, but regardless, it no longers increase damage taken.
    Notified. Can't explain how I could forget that. Will edit the entire post when we are done with Elegon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ergar View Post
    The boss drops a shield = loot table is shit?

    E: And why the hell do you say you dont charge at all? I cant even count how many times i charged. Every time i taunted 1 of the dogs to me (i was the one tanking one dog away from others) i always ran a little bit away and then charget it, so i could get some rage. Bad tips man.

    E2: Boss also drops tanking shoulders, does that mean the loot table is even more shittier?
    Alright you semi got me there, friend. First of all I haven't really seen any videoes with protection Warriors so this is only how I do the bosses. But you are right with the charging on The Stone Guard. Although as the fight goes on it will be more challeging to Charge properly as the floor will have a lot of shit on it. But yeah, agreed, it's more efficient to gain "free" rage through Charge if possible.

    As for the loot-table I think i rushed a bit to end the thread and for that I apologize. The reason I didn't tank the boss is because i got some BoE epics (incl a shield) so I wanted my fellow tank to gear a bit up while i could slack.

    Edited post is coming up later this week =).

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