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    Gear progression during the first weeks

    While there are BiS lists floating around for each gearlevel, they often require weeks of valor point caps and dailies to achieve them. It's to be expected that some luck in your raid/lfr/world bosses might fuck up your plans. So my question is, what will be your valor point priorities as ele shaman?

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    You gotta go with what is available based on your time scale .... like, Rings, Cloak and Neck are at Honored, ya know? But for me... My guilds starting raiding this weekend, and the only one of those three factions that I am honored with is Klaxxi. I don't think I'll be able to get honored with Shado-Pan before the raid, which sucks because the cloak is great. So, for me, I'll probably go with what is the first available.

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    actually u can by the ring or the necklace for vp this week. rep for cloak is not possibly, if u didnt abuse the rep item that dropped from a rare prenerf.

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