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    How are you other resto druids out there doing on Elegon? Was working on him last night, interested in how others are healing, using cd's, talents ect. I'm healing with a holy paladin, went with Nature's vigil and Incarnation but planning to try Heart of the Wild to help dps sparks next raid. Anyone tried Soul of the Forest? I'm considering trying that aswell (but going with Nature's vigil in that case, so far feels like I need at least either NV or Incarnation).
    2 healed it with my Holy paladin friend. Tree + NV. You can see my logs here:

    IMO, you need burst CDs for this fight. SoTF seems weak here.

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    Unless your paladin is godly and can solo heal the raid, you won't really have much mana/time to spend DPSing the sparks. The spark explosions will do quite a large amount of raid damage and your Resto DPS is very unlikely to help much. Plus, you have 6 DPS so getting sparks down should not be difficult if everyone takes care of one add (and don't forget tanks can do quite a bit of damage to help out).

    SotF is not recommended for Elegon as you will need to chain raid CDs for the last phase, so having Incarnation will be essential.

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    HotW makes your damaging spells cost no mana so that's not an issue. But I don't think I will have more use of HotW than NV anyway.

    Is there actually any fight that favors SotF over Incarnation in MV? I haven't done Will of the Emperor, but on the rest it doesn't really seem so to me at least.
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    SotF favors any fight where you need burst aoe healing and any fight where you would use efflorescence and wild growth as staples in your casting. The most notable is Feng, but I use SotF on all fights.

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