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    Demo Suggestions

    I have some free time (queued up on Illidan) so I thought I'd make some suggestions from my experience so far, some of these are purely aesthetic.

    - Soul Fire: It would be nice if Soul Fire would cast through my stance dance like Harvest Life channel does. During <20% nuking it can be hard to guage how long the boss has left, how much Fury you have/will have and will burn through and when to start spamming Soul Fire in Meta, and that's when this can become an issue

    - Burning Rush: I like the idea of the ability but the effect doesn't look burning at all, just some white air tails indicating speed. Our Glyph of Nightmares gives our Dreadsteed a trail of fire behind it, I don't see why Burning Rush couldn't have a similar graphic considering the name and effect of the ability.

    - Glyph of Shadowbolt: I've said it again and again, but one more time; the graphic is too small! Sure it used to be too big, but now it's too small! I want to SEE the Shadowbolts, increase the size ever so slightly and I will be happy.

    - Void Ray: I don't know where to begin, I don't like the way it looks, I don't like the way it works. I often have the time to throw Corruption on multiple targets but they're rarely stacked on each other leaving my only real option for AoE filler as Harvest Life. Personally I think the ability should be completely reworked.

    - Demonic Leap: It's buggy. Sometimes I jump backwards for no reason whatsoever; i.e. I'm on a flat surface running forwards and... I jump backwards?

    I'd also like to say that I'm really enjoying myself playing Demonology right now in 5 mans, I think Blizzard did a great job on this spec (and others) and most of these issues are pretty minor considering the entire spec as a whole.
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    Somes ideas aren't that bad.

    For soulf fire, it would help but (as I am not playing demo at that time) Aren't you supposed NOT to cast Soul Fire during meta ? I might be missing something here...

    For burning rush, I am 100% with you ! It just needs to be discrete enough to not bother my teamates.

    Glyph of shadowbolt, I want the old effect back ! But apparently it slowed some old computers... Can't argue with that. Anyone remembers the shiny RoF effect they added back in Wrath ? It was nice too...

    Void ray needs a redesign. Its terribad for now but I think they know that.

    Demonic Leap. Xelnath said it was beeing looked.

    But yeah, warlock rocks right now !

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