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    Well, personally, went LFR in pretty average gear (459, 460 with a ring from my tank set to allow queue) and came top 5 constantly with a couple of fights battling for first. Either I'm amazing (unlikely) EVERYONE else sucked (possible) or we aren't so bad at the moment (most likely).

    Since picked up around 4/5 epics, hit and exp capped so haste etc starting to rise and I should be doing much better this next week.
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    As said as close to a patchwerk fight as we have right now. Thanks for reading. Just because I'm topping meters doesn't mean I'm tunneling boss or the rest of my raid is bad. Everyone knows skada is fubar'd when it comes to keeping track of people in different realms/phases. I went down twice when needed for voodoo dolls. Thanks, though. Your insight is 100% helpful.
    No actually it's not close to patchwerk Feng would be closer, This fight doesn't log damage properly so you have no idea where you are on the meters and if you were going down as Ret that is pretty much bad anyway we are the worst class for Gara adds I know I've had to go down as well and it's flat out awful. So as a Ret you should be tunneling the boss we aren't good for much else on that fight. Which is exactly why I said that not to mention on your own meter you should always always be top if you even have 1 inside phase.

    Sorry to disappoint you but if you are out dpsing the majority of your raid and sitting up top on the meters than yes the rest of your raid is bad or you are getting favortism in some way shape or form. Just look at Wold of Logs ignore all the tank parses and see if you can find a Ret? We aren't in a top dps position so if you are topping meters you are outplaying your raid.
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