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    Cool-down management on fights?

    Does anyone have a guide to managing cooldowns the most efficient way? Right now I just use them all on the first pull then use them each when they're available, obviously that's not the best way to do it but I seem to be struggling on deciding what to wait for to come off cool-down what would be the most dps bonus? This is with darkmaster trinket (2 min cd) and no DMF trinket.

    Pull: All cooldowns
    Second set:
    Third set:
    Fourth? Set:

    Any help appreciated, thanks

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    What i usually do:

    Pull: All cooldowns and prepot
    Second set: Holy Avenger
    Third set: Avenging Wrath
    Fourth? Set: Holy Avenger, Avenging Wrath + Goak + Pot

    Hope it helps, but only way is to try by yourself until you feel right about it.

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    So just them whenever available?

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    You have to know the fight length to plan your cooldowns. You could use WoL logs as reference. On a 6min fight you can use 2 GoAK, 2AW, 3HA, the way to go would be Pull:GoAK+AW+HA---2min:HA---5min:GoAK+AW+HA. On a 10min fight it looks different. Also, delaying your cooldown for like 30sec to sync it with your Darkmoon Trinket proc is a dps increase, if you know you cant use your cooldown again before this fight ends. On Gara'jal H i delayed my 2. HA to sync with my 4. Trinket Proc, because i knew it would be off cd again at the 5min mark to sync with GoAK+AW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sythari View Post
    So just them whenever available?
    Pretty much, yes.. unless you need to save CD's for a ''Burn phase''

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