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    Quote Originally Posted by Theprejudice View Post
    90% of the playerbase never even cleared Sunwell

    EDIT: Let me rephrase that. 90% of the playerbase never even tried Sunwell
    That doesnt mean 90% should've tried it. Raiding is not for everyone. Even if you make it "roll your face over the evening x times" difficulty it will still take sizeable about of time meaning lots of people playing wont have a chance to do it. People can defend easy raids as much as they like but making it easier wont make it more accessible. It will, though, make them less enjoyable and will diminish overall skill level of players, meaning that your precious easy raids will actually take MORE time, not less.

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    Yesterday's evening we didn't manage to kill that boss, but it is certainly doable. Just spent too much time trying to kill it with 3 healers

    The only thing which i really would like to be fixed:
    1) increased hit box of boss, so that melee don't have to run so far to drop off stacks.
    2) As a resto shaman, I was surprised by the fact that I can't project my totems to the inner circle. Yes you can set up them there, but you can't move them there for some reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KellethBA View Post
    Just need to have good add phases and the boss is a joke
    mind posting some logs to show with what ease you killed the boss? we've killed him, but i wouldn't say he's a "joke" since all the other bosses in the instance are considerably easier. your comment only serves the purpose of demoralizing players that struggle with it so it would at least be of some help if you included a log to back up your statement.

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    So right now 273 guilds have killed him. It's the first week, so everybody have pretty much the same gear. 146 guilds have cleared 6/6. This is not overtuned. It's just people bitching after Dragon Soul thinking they're good because they killed Deathwing heroic. The same thing happended in T11 after people being used to ICC.

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    cant read thru all your guys posts cuz you all say the same thing...

    anyways, the key to the fight is killing charges. we are fairly certain that killing 8 total waves of charges (4 in each phase) will be enough to kill it. all of our dps including tanks are pulling over 70k dps. (monk and dk tanks) 2 heals, 6 dps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightelfsb View Post
    Ofcourse it happend in WOTLK and Cataclysme. Unless you were inn a top guild that cleared all normal modes in the first lockout, you would wipe.

    It especially happend in TBC obviously, since it was only one mode there.
    I guess I advanced to 'top guild' right now, oh well. But really, gearchecks were generally left for Heroic modes. It's not that the boss is impossible to kill, it's actually quite a gear check when compared to rest of the instance. Then again, that's the first time there's 2 tier worth of gear difference between 5 man and normal modes, so that's probably it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alucardtnuoc View Post
    The fight is tuned really high, after 2-3 hours of pulls, we got to 20m left, nowhere near enrage. Our problem was we tried to stack up and burn the last ~100m which didn't work to well (even with him taking 100% more damage(not including 50% for standing in))
    Thats the way you have to do it...

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    The fight is perfect as is. Took us about 8-9 pulls to kill it last night. The fight does require a good balance of DPS and healing but it's not too tough. This fight is definately a good gauge for those thinking of doing the earlier heroics. The one thing I do agree with from the people looking for a nerf is that the fight is unfriendly to melee. Our Comp

    Prot Warrior
    Guardian Druid
    Combat Rogue
    Ele Shaman
    Survi Hunter
    SHadow Priest
    Affliction Lock
    Fire Mage
    Healer Monk
    Healing Shaman

    Avg DPS was about 100k (highest 120k, Lowest 91k)

    Beat enrage easily...

    The hardest part of the fight is coordinating the raid to kill the energy balls at least 4 times (though we found we could get 5 with the use of decent cooldowns)

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    yeah and t15 opens in a few months. but you gota clear t14 to get there ;D

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    Downed this fight last night after a couple attempts. Really fun. Two healing is a must. Will was kind of a disappointment after Elgalon but oh well normal modes! I hope this does not get nerfed at all.

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    This fight is doable. My guild downed it with:
    Guardian Druid
    Blood DK
    Fire Mage
    Aff Lock
    Shadow Priest
    Ele Shaman
    Fury Warrior
    Resto Shaman
    Holy Pally

    We did 5 orbs the first time then only 2 the second time and beat enrage by 30 seconds. All Dps were doing 90k+.This fight just takes player awareness and can't be facerolled. Good Luck to all those attempting. PM me if you have any questions

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    Funny to see al those 'hardcore raiders' whining about a normal boss after 1 night of tries.
    In my opinion it's a direct consequence of the buff in DS. People were made to believe they were better than they actually are.
    Average players could down Madness HC and now these average players actually believe they are very skilled players.

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    i dont think any hardcore raides are whining about this content.. if they are.. they are not hardcore raides..

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    We were attempting it last night , and tbh we're VERY close to a kill.

    Our strategy seemed very solid and it'll just need few small tweaks in order to ensure smooth kill which will happen on our next raid.

    Playing this game since Vanilla , and to be fair I haven't enjoyed boss fight on normal mode for a very long time , like I enjoyed last night on this one.

    Good luck everyone who's working on him , and if you have any questions - feel free to ask.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaPe View Post
    I guess I advanced to 'top guild' right now, oh well. But really, gearchecks were generally left for Heroic modes. It's not that the boss is impossible to kill, it's actually quite a gear check when compared to rest of the instance. Then again, that's the first time there's 2 tier worth of gear difference between 5 man and normal modes, so that's probably it.
    Pretty much all of T11 normal was a gearcheck for healers the first week. Hell, even Halfus and Trons/Magmaw were rough on tanks. This is really the first time a hard DPS check has been thrown in the first tier though.

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    One thing that might help guilds stuggling with dps, killed him last night.. having only the tanks go out of the inner circle to reset their debuffs during phase 1. All dps and heals stack on the back of the boss and burn the add down quick when he blows up we popped a cd (dk amz, priest bubble etc) that way we never left inner circle until the orbs came out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilian View Post
    They also never said it has to be faceroll. I see many different comps here who cleared it. What's the problem? Do you have 10 rogues in your guild or something?
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    The fight is incredibly fun. We had our first real night on it last night. Yes the DPS check is somewhat steep, but its the first week and I'm sure once people get their darkmoon card trinkets Sunday that those will help alot of guilds too. It would be nice if this doesn't get nerfed though. The challenge after farming DS for a long time is nice and the feeling of progression is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenX View Post
    [Sinestra]the hard-mode only boss that everyone aimed for who was also easier than Cho'gal HC

    On topic, I'm perfectly comfortable downing only 4 bosses on the first week. And having to farm a little and practice the boss before finishing it. Some people are shocked they won't be clearing normal monde on the first week and it's understandable. I admit I'm surprised too, but I very much welcome this change of the normal mode difficulty.

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    Just killed this boss, pretty Brutal, I'm guessing a HP nerf will happen next reset.

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