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    Quote Originally Posted by Reaped View Post
    Just killed this boss, pretty Brutal, I'm guessing a HP nerf will happen next reset.
    I hope not, its really not needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddytheone View Post
    I hope not, its really not needed
    I agree, but for a normal boss its pretty hard for a usual group to overcome, which normals are meant to be for

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reaped View Post
    I agree, but for a normal boss its pretty hard for a usual group to overcome, which normals are meant to be for
    It'll be easier once everyone starts getting their VP and crafted gear in a few weeks.
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    Hour and a half or so worth of attempts and we had him down, not really seeing what the fuss was about, was actually kind of fun.

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    it's more about not bringing underperforming specs or specs that haven't "kicked in yet" because of secondary stats scaling etc.

    It's not a straight up dps fight like Ultraxion, there's many "hidden" ways to beat the dps requirement (which I'm not gonna say) you just have to figure it out and balance your spark groups correctly. You should aim to get 5 + 4 sparks down ATLEAST 5+5 makes the fight sooo much easier, if you get 6 in the first spark phase then that's insanely good. Most ppl are raging to soft enrage (things getting unhealable) and not hard enrage, find places before last phase (P3) to squeeze in more damage on boss. | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    Downed him tonight after 4th pull literally.

    We tweaked our strat a bit and with good performance it was EASY kill with slightly less then one minute left on enrage timer.
    Had two melee's in raid 4 ranged 2 tanks and 2 healers , with 5 dps'rs above 100k (shame we didn't do logs, would have some sick ranks).

    Overall defo my favorite fight so far, rather enjoyable and DOABLE.

    Good luck to everyone trying to kill him , hope he won't be nerfed in close future...
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    5/6 rounds of sparks? Wow, and we were letting go the fourth round. Mayhaps I should slap our DPS in the head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pengalor View Post
    What do you mean 'the best gear you can get'? You can't even get all of that gear yet. It should be balanced around 463 since it's an entry level raid. I'm fine with a hard fight if it's based on mechanics but making it hard because 'derp u need moar geer, go farmz first bosses for three weeks' is just bad design (see Diablo 3 Inferno on release). Now, I will say it loud and make it clear, I have not done the fight, this is based off of what I am hearing from people who have done the fight. So, the word around is that the fight feels like it is tuned a bit too high right now, especially for 463 gear.

    As for your sarcastic remark to the second person: would you really want to keep the raid going if your raid was wiping on trash for almost an hour? There's obviously a gear issue or a player attention issue going on there, there would be no point in pushing it any longer when you realize that you're not getting anywhere. Doesn't help that the pulls before Stone Guards make no real sense (talking about the two large ones that petrify, our guess was pull one and burn but that doesn't make much sense considering how it's laid out).
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    They shouldn't nerf it. Its the kind of fight that will become remarkably easier with a bit extra gear. At the moment you just need to make up for the lack of gear with good coordination and optimal execution.
    We did 6 stacks each wave to compensate for a trial dps. Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, looking forward to heroic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Applenazi View Post
    You mean the post I made where I asked if the health value was correct in relation to the enrage timer? Hmm, that seems like a pretty straight forward question to me, care to elaborate as to how it is drivel? Feel free to take a few moments to look up the definition of drivel before you respond as it may assist you.
    Everything you say is drivel because you are 1.79% over the hit cap, and still using +240 hit gems ( i mean come on, at least use +360 hit gems! ). The health value is correct, but when you're raiders dont know how to gem/reforge/enchant their characters, you're going to have problems downing content!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Espada View Post
    5/6 rounds of sparks? Wow, and we were letting go the fourth round. Mayhaps I should slap our DPS in the head.
    We killed the 4th wave on each, let the 5th go which seems easily doable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Applenazi View Post
    According to my thread here the fight is fine but not a single guild that is currently 4/6 read the dungeon journal, so problem solved!
    I think having dps'ers that do more than 40k dps (lol wtf) on a fight like spirit kings will help a lot when it comes to downing Elegon. Replace your warlock, priest, hunter and mage with competent people and the fight might seem more doable.
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    Its the first week, since when are casuals suppose to clear a raid instance in the first week of release? Just as someone else said, be happy you have something to do and to be progressing on as a group. It's obviously doable but very hard atm. Which it should be since its the FIRST week and most guilds are undergearing it.

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    Killed it while 3 healing it and without a mage or lock in the group. I see no reason to nerf it on 10s at least.

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    Absolutely amazing fight, killed it on Thursday on 25man. Very unforgiving, although the enrage timer wasn't really our problem- we were pushing 5 sparks on both rounds (using heroism to get the second 4th and 5th waves down). Was just a case of good execution, as genuinely losing one player WILL cause the enrage timer to be an issue.

    I sincerely hope there won't be a nerf even on normal- it's hard because people are doing it in blues. A raid progress model for more casual guilds is that you need to gear up from Valor and previous bosses to take down the harder ones of an instance- when you're better geared from the first four the DPS requirements will be a lot less so. Only reason it's super difficult now is due to people doing it in 85% blue gear, obviously it's going to be hard then. Hope Blizzard stick with their initial design and leave this amazing fight untouched.
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    Just to state this fight is not a dps race, does not need a nerf at all, went in AGAIN in our 2nd group last night, cleared the whole instance in one night, killing elegon on our 5th attempt.
    This is with 1/2 alts in raid who are only geared in 463 gear, a few even in 450PVP gear. So people asking its too difficult, thats not the question you should be asking, you should be asking, where are we going wrong in our tactics thats causing us to hit enrage? Currently World 12th 6/6hc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Espada View Post
    5/6 rounds of sparks? Wow, and we were letting go the fourth round. Mayhaps I should slap our DPS in the head.
    We went with 7 sparks on first spark phase, and 4 on the 2nd one. Boss melted after that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evokanu View Post
    It being doable does not mean its correctly tuned for a normal mode, normal mode should be more about being able to execute the tactics then meeting insane dps requirements, that is what heroic mode is for, being able to execute tactics while maintaining high dps at the same time
    First of all, that is an opinion not what blizzard has stated is the purpose of normal modes. Heroic raiding guilds have felt this way since Heroic modes came out but it is not really the case. Normal modes are tuned with less difficult mechanics and a dps check that closer reflects being geared in normal mode gear. Heroic mode content ramps up the gear check to heroic level gear with more complicated and unforgiving mechanics.

    Elegon is a dps check for normal modes, DPS checks CAN exist in normal mode. I even remember some 25m guilds having trouble with the DPS check on Ultraxion week one. This fight is entirely possible, you just need to kill your orbs right. Is it a challenge? sure, but its not impossible and not really even that hard.

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    Easy boss, our dps were pulling 100k or so and all the way down to 80k.
    We took a total of 7 tries to kill it in 25 man.

    We hit the enrage timer twice before we squeezed enough dps to kill it.
    Killing the sparks 4-5 times, and then nuking boss.

    When the last phase starts (where u take damage when stepping outside) we just went in , AOE healed everything to oom, and full nuke with Blood Lust.

    Fun boss, but easy.

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    yeah if you actually get that the dps requirement is not the boss itself but the sparks the fight becomes quite easy if you get past 5 sparks both times the last phase is over quite fast

    we did 6 dpsed while the 7 was up then did 5 the 2nd time and the boss just melted in the last phase

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