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    Elegon proper strategy! Help Please!

    So we are doing fine on everything except when we hit phase 2. What is the best way to do this part? What we have right now is split tank healers and dps on both side, killing the middle conduit first then switching to the other two and meeting back at the front part of the boss out of the center. The ads seem to be killing a good bit of people.....is there a better way to do this?

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    That's pretty much how you do it. Kill the conduits faster and you'll get less adds. I suggest 2 healers on 10-man. 6 on 25.

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    we are going with LEFT group killing the pillar closest to the entrance and then moving up, while the RIGHT group kills the pillar closest to the wall behind boss and then moving down - you don't have to divide groups into subgroups or run back to the other pillar once you are done with the 2nd one...

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    You get fewer adds when you kill the pillars at similar times.

    You need to place your two teams in range of all 3 pillars on one side, equal up the dps and kill them all within 10 seconds of each other, you will get about 5 adds total.

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    watch fatboss guide on youtube. there is no better guide out, and they have lovely british english.

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