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    I'm pretty sure we were crying for changes during beta as well. Didn't help then, won't help now.
    Pretty much this, it was on the majority of rogue threads that weren't "Haha, now you're not op, u mad?" drivel.

    Best bet is to keep up the forum pressure and hope for changes come 5.1, but I'm not sure it will help, Blizzard seem to think we're more fragile than bubble on a hot day when it comes to mechanic changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawless Jones View Post
    i wouldnt compare rogue talents to mage tier 6 ones, alot of mages hate the clunkiness of them just as much as you hate the rogue ones
    If I had to say something bad about mage talents, it's homogenization. A fire mage could be using Ice Floes, Ice Barrier, any of tier 3, Cold Snap, Frost Bomb and any in tier 6. Doesn't sound too right.

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