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    How is the 1.4 update for healers in PvP?

    How is the 1.4 update for healers in PvP?

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    I'm finding healing pretty much as was on my lvl50 merc and lvl27 Smuggler....but I'm no expert, there may be some subtle difference that Ijust don't notice.

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    I didn't feel any difference.... it's still more important/ annoying if the opposite team is flagging you are not.

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    1.1 was fun as a healer, I started out as low level Sorcerer healer, I was able to contribute to the team, if people started to attack me, I would run away and unless they didnt follow me, I usually survived and went somewhere else to help out.

    1.2 was not fun as a healer, If I got attacked, I would try to turn around and run, but I would be dead already. All I did was heal myself mostly and die often.
    I tried a Bounty Hunter healer, it was better that I survived the attacks, but 80% of the game I would be stunned, or unable to do anything. So I stopped playing warzones, just played PvE.

    Star Wars was the first game that I really enjoyed playing a healer, and warzones were fun for awhile. Im hoping healers are helpful during warzones now.

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    As to my experience (playing agent and sorcerer) it was easyer for my Agent to survive = heal better in warzones due to their emergency tools and not to forget the instant 30% heal. However if you are undisturbt or guarded and someone else would take care of people hitting onto you, I saw sorcerer coming out on top.

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