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    Mogu'shan Vaults and Zen Meditation

    The question is simple - which boss abilities in MV can be redirected using Zen Meditation?

    I would bet that Feng's Spirit bolts and Shadow bolts of Gara'jal adds are definitely able to be redirected, something more?
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    Not that I know of. I've done 4/6 Mogu'Shan and have had no reason to use Zen Meditation. The only conceivable use would be on the last guy of the Spirit Kings and even then they're interruptable. The Gara'jal adds are a joke and if you're going down, you don't have time to use ZM unless you're a healer (and even then it's a poor choice). As for Feng, I don't know what spirit bolt you're talking about. The only time he casts a spell is Arcane Resonance and Arcane Velocity, both of which can't be saved by ZM. Zen Meditation right now has little to no use.

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