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    Reputation in MoP...where to start?

    So I just hit 87 and I am still in the first zone and there are still quests. At that rate, I expect to hit 90 waaayyyy earlier than seeing Dread wastes or Vale of eternal Blossom.

    I probably could totally skip the Valley of four winds and move on to Kun Lai, I guess. But I don't want to miss any important starting quest that would cut me off from a rep faction later on.

    So my question is: What rep faction is the natural way to start with. Is it the Golden Lotus and the others come naturally afterwards? Is it safe to skipp a zone (and which)?

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    Level 89-90 seems much longer than the others.

    I did all the quests in the Valley, Kun Lai and the Steppes and I was still 89. (88 after finishing the valley).
    I dinged 90 half way to the Dread Wastes. I did a few dungeons.

    It seems that you can't really start grinding rep until level 90.
    All the PNJ say "come back when you are stronger", so I think you'll have to wait level 90.

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    I also have no idea where to go and start with that.
    The only rep I am currently working is Klaxxi.. because of the questing in Dread Waste.

    I skipped some things on the way.... now I have to go back and find a quest to open the gate to the zone with the city in it.
    Untill then I can't even learn to fly in Pandaria..... I don't get why everything is hidden.

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    Yeah, dailies are only at level 90.

    To be honest, I absolutely recommend just working your way through the natural progression of the questing experience. Do it all in the correct order. Jade forest - valley of the four winds - krasarang wilds - kun-lai summit - townlong steppes - dread wastes. (Vale is only at level 90 and there's barely any quests there, just dailies)

    The only exception I'd make is, as soon as you hit 90, get your Mysterious Note from the NPC in your faction's Shrine in Vale. Follow that until you get the quest to grind rep. Then, you'll gain rep while naturally questing through Dread Wastes; it works pretty nicely!

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    Townlong (Shado-pan) and Dread Wastes (Klaxxi) are the zones you want to emphasize if rep is a consideration in your leveling.

    Once you are 90, Golden Lotus is probably where you want to start, as that rep unlocks dailies for other factions (Shado-pan, Celestials).

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    Quote Originally Posted by bakanamek View Post
    It seems that you can't really start grinding rep until level 90.
    All the PNJ say "come back when you are stronger", so I think you'll have to wait level 90.
    Thing is that while you cant start doing rep dailies and whatever you unlock the factions through questing.
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