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    Rate the Scenario Difficulty

    Hello there!

    It's only week #2 of MoP, but many of you probably have done the scenarios now. Comparing all of them, excluding other content like dungeons and raids, which one do you think is the hardest? Which one is the easiest? And why do you think so?

    My list starts with the hardest at number 1 and then the difficulty lowers. It's from a Frost DK point of view and with 3 DPS (mostly Enhancement Shamand and an Affliction Warlock). I have done most of them with either a dedicated healer or a dedicated tank and the difficulty went down extremely. But with 3 DPS with only minimal heal options, you actually have to pay attention or die horribly. :3
    Alright, here goes:

    1.) Theramore's Fall
    The larger packs (4+ mobs) are actually quite hard without heal. Same goes for the Gryphon Rider boss, the Dwarf Shaman. He deals quite a lot of damage if his totem isn't killed fast. Big Bessa with two or more melees is also interesting. Adding in abilities that allow you to kill yourself within seconds like the reflection - yeah, you get a fine scenario which is actually hard compared to the rest.

    2.) Unga Ingoo
    One reason: Captain Ook. Sometimes so many adds spawn, it's not even funny. I am talking about 10-15+ adds and the boss at the same time. That's raping my health in seconds. The thing is, I don't know WHY so many adds spawn. They still have over 250k+ life each, so you can't just bomb them. And the cannon doesn't function anymore. Is this a sort of "enrage", do more spawn the lower his health gets? I have no idea! xD

    3.) Brewmoon Festival
    The difficulty in this one varies extremely. I would put it on as the hardest, but because the defense is random each time, the difficulty can get really hard or nearly piss easy.
    The stage 1 bosses are all not that easy without a healer. However, the Yaungol attack is where it really gets ugly. Groups of 3-5 (or even 6?) Yaungol per entrace, with 5 entrances and one of them also has a yeti. Yeah, talk about overkill. I only had the archers and the "Brew Bomb", but the first one made it extremely difficulty, because you basically had to tank them in the archer attacks, where as the second one... yeah, 500k damage in a large radius after 6 seconds useable every 20 seconds - suddenly, all enemies except the 590k HP warriors and the yetis are oneshotable. The endboss is okay, he can kill you, but it's not that hard.

    4.) Greenstone Village
    The main reason here is the trash, which is imo harder then the bosses. The flowers with their void zones deal quite a lot of damage, the "Water Elemental" miniboss is probably the hardest mob in there, the jade shale spiders do a lot of damage, the sprites do a lot of damage... yeah, everything can deal much damage, but you can interrupt most of it. Still, with 4-6 enemies at the same time it can get quite ugly.
    The Quilen boss is just annoying as hell. No indication when he starts absorbing your attacks. No cast bar, nothing. You can interrupt it, but if you are slow he has healed him back to full health. The other boss (the giant) is much easier. The endboss is also a walk in the park.

    5.) Arena of Annihilation
    The arena is not really hard except for the Hozen as the final boss, which is probably the hardest boss in the whole scenario. All others are pretty easy, the Turtle can deal mch damage if you get hit from the spinning attack (which happens EVERY FUCKING TIME because it moves along the walls and SUDDENLY changes back to move through the middle), the fire elemental deals much damage to melees if you can't move fast enough, but that's about it.

    6.) A Brewing Storm
    Nothing really hard except for the endboss, which can get hard. You can oneshot the adds, but as you have to channel the attack and can't move while doing so, you might get hit by the bosses AoE attack and then the channeling is interrupted. Aside from this, nothing hard.

    7.) Crypt of Forgotten Kings
    Imo the easiest one. Only three things to watch out for:
    a.) Don't move in any traps, especially thunder traps.
    b.) Avoid the Mogu's knockback.
    c.) Avoid "Deathzone" from the final boss.
    Still, so much easier then all other scenarios.

    Anyway, what do you think? How would you rate them? As said, as a healer or tank all of them are extremely easy, but it you only have DPS it can actually get quite hard if you screw up and can't interrupt or move.
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    It's really hard for me to rate them as hard... Playing a warrior and second wind is just extremely OP so I can pretty much solo everything :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marston View Post
    I actually ran this as balance with a warrior. In arena, we had an spriest and I was tossing out a lot of rejuvs and HTs, enough so that I thought man, with nobody who could offer any heals these would be hard. Yes, that turtle man. One hit put my warrior at like 40% and he got hit nearly every time and I got hit a fair bit too. The path is too random and he moves fast enough you can't dodge it in time.

    The only other scenario I ran was Unga Oongo with the warrior again and a DK. Both times again I had to toss out a fair bit of heals.

    Fall of Theramore was dirt simple but the others seem like having someone who can toss heals is almost mandatory because with 3 rogues or something I could see it being rather hard.

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    I have done 3 or 4 of them and haven't had any issues. Occasionally I toss a heal out as elemental but usually my healing totem takes care of most of it.
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