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    Which dogs did you see up for Stone Guard?

    I'm wondering whether there is a set pattern for which dogs are active each week in Stone Guard. We don't pull this encounter until later in the week and it'd be nice to know which 3 we're up against.

    So I saw someone in another thread say they faced Jade, Jasper and Amethyst. Did everyone in the US get this combination or was it random?


    Multiple 10-man groups in the US stated that they saw Jade, Jasper and Amethyst for the week of 10/2.

    Two 10-man groups in EU stated that they saw Cobalt, Jade and Amethyst for the week of 10/3.

    I'd like to get more responses from the EU. And if you know anyone who runs 10-man in other regions, please ask them to comment.

    And thank you, people from 25-man groups, for bumping up my thread with your helpful comments about seeing all 4 dogs. I really wouldn't have known that if you hadn't kept repeating it. Oh, sorry, that came out ruder than I meant to be. I should have phrased my thread title more clearly so that I wasn't inviting smart-ass comments. I apologize to anyone from 25-man groups for any insult I may have made to you.
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    Jade, Jasper, and Amethyst for my guild.
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    My theory is that it is just like Halfus and the spawns are based on a schedule. We also faced Jade, Jasper and Amethyst. Going back to finish them now that we know what it is about (and that we will be more geared)

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    I hope it is on a schedule and predictable; I liked that aspect of the Halfus fight and was a little bit sad when we unlocked heroic and it was the same every week afterwards.

    I'm hoping that our European friends will chime in and let us know which dogs were active when they reach Stone Guard. With Halfus there was a different set between the regions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hezlek View Post
    Jade, Jasper, and Amethyst for my guild.
    same here
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    25 Mans get all 4... Cobalt and Amethyst are probably the more annoying ones due to the puddles and mines they throw on the ground.

    Edit: Jasper chains can be annoying too if you have derps...

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    pretty daft that 25-mans get 4 and have to utilize 3 tanks...
    just sayin

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    I saw all four...

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    All 4

    /25man master race

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    Be a man raid 25 with 10 people!

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    Checked earlier and we have Cobat/Jade/Amethyst so no Jasper

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    All of them. Part of why I will never go 10 man.

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    I have one response from the EU which stated Cobalt/Jade/Amethyst. Any confirmation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninotchka View Post
    I have one response from the EU which stated Cobalt/Jade/Amethyst. Any confirmation?
    Here here. EU server. We had the same. No Jasper this week.

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    All four of course.

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    Cobalt, Amethyst and Jasper for us

    Eu btw

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    OK, so that breaks the pattern. Pity. I was hoping it would be predictable. Which server do you belong to, Faeris?

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