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    If it looks like the account is being accessed from a location that we're not used to seeing, we may suspect that the account is being compromised and will take steps to halt any further activity. In most cases, these kinds of locks and suspensions are easily overturned- and having an authenticator on the account helps us to see that the account was secure. I won't be able to go into further specific detail as to how our detection processes work, but that's the basic gist of it. I don't want people to think that we're going to take away the account if you use a service to help make the game play better. Just be aware that using these services sometimes causes issues which may necessitate that the player contacts us to resolve.

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    why cant blizzard just give a straight answer seriously. how about i dnt play your game at all is that in your terms of service no cos im sick of blizzard giving me a pvper the middle finger all the time i pay as much as raiders do to play yet we get shafted everytime, i will be quitting wow after my sub runs out cos WOD is gonna suck anyway, no fucking discussion at blizzcon about WOD PVP nothing about the classes its all about fucking diablo 3 expansion and fucking hearthstone which im in the BETA and its the most boring game ever.

    so fuck you blizzard blue your mouth is fulla shit

    Infracted, please keep your posts a little less flaming.
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    If you have a question, sending a ticket to Blizzard directly or posting a new thread would be the best option. We don't allow necro'ing of old threads as it tends to cause confusion.

    Closing this due to the necro.

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