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    Xuen with high vengeance or agi pot + Heroism

    When is the best time to pop Xuen please consider the following scenario.

    I tank on Garajal but am NOT the one tanking the last 20% when he is enraged. So I pop Xuen at the beginning of the fight with a prepot and my first vengeance. Considering the boss has a 6 min Enrage Timer we can use Xuen twice. Now my question:

    Is it better to pop Xuen the second time when I have high Vengeance and am tanking or when I'm not tanking and we use Heroism + Agi pots?

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    If you mean when you will do the most damage, I believe high vengeance will provide more dps than heroism + pot. However, is there anything stopping you from taunting for a few seconds in order to build up a nice stack of vengeance during the last 20%, then popping Xuen/Pot? This will greatly increase your damage during that phase. Icy Veins explains the benefits of the strat here:

    Quote Originally Posted by IcyVeins
    While Vodoo Dolls is active on a tank, Gara'jal will only attack that tank, and it is not possible for the other tank to take over. However, taunting Gara'jal during this time does appear to have a limited effect: the boss will attack the off-tank for the duration of taunt, after which he will return to the main tank. This is useful in two respects.

    It allows the off-tank to gain some Vengeance, greatly buffing their (and the raid's) DPS.
    It allows the off-tank to "save" the main tank, should they be in danger of dying.

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    I was not aware that I could taunt the Boss for a samll duration... I always thought it was not tauntable.

    Thanks for the hint.
    Now time to get my WoL ranks higher on Wednesday

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    He doesn't taunt raid bosses unfortunately, only (heroic) dungeon bosses/mobs.

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    You could also use Avert Harm. I believe that will give you a decent amount of Vengance for popping Xuen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deldavala View Post
    You could also use Avert Harm. I believe that will give you a decent amount of Vengance for popping Xuen
    I use Avert Harm naturally on the last 20% to mitigate raid damage but i never notived a high increase in vengeance but to be honest I do not really look at my vengeance when burning the boss for the last percent

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