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    Issues with Chi not reflecting correctly..

    Has anyone come across issues with chi saying that it is either 3-4 stacked then casting abilities which use 1-2 chi and receiving a message saying that you do not have enough to use this ability?
    I run x-perl and have attempted disabling the add-on and regardless if its running or not I am still seeing this message. This is becoming a little troublesome as I raid heal and as ev1 knows seconds can mean DEATH!!!
    Please if possible could someone provide me with a thread or other info on this issue if it is a known one, thanks guys.

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    I have had issues with this as well with the standard interface, but almost always when I'm alone and out of combat. Havn't noticed this yet in dungeons/raids

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    happened to me once or twice while healing TBC dungeon.. Never seen it as tank though.
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    i too have had this issue, almost alwayshappens to me at least once or twice while healing in a 5-man group,

    usually it occurs at the beginning of combat where i appear according to my standard UI to have two Chi, but one has expired out of combat, and so when i try to cast a two Chi ability (like zen sphere) i cannot do it.

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