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    Haste issues

    I am having some haste issues at this moment due to the fact that i havent found any hastecaps around for demo now in early MoP. I am laying around 463 ilvl and i am having a hard time to figure out the right stat prio for my build in gear and reforge.
    Since to me Mastery would overtake crit quite alot and since we gain more fury as more haste we get due to faster ticks etc.
    So does anyone know if there is any hastecaps we should aim for? And is my calculation right that we should go for Haste and mastery stats on our gear now as demo?
    I have tried to lurk around on forums and tried to read and i know there is a guide which was good written BUT that was in beta mode and in there it says that mastery is our lowest stat and since we are in meta quite alot now with this new playstyle it doesnt make any sense to me and i would apprechiate if anyone could help me with this. Since it bugs me quite alot.

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    That ^^ should give you the haste caps you are looking for, just use the tabs at the bottom to set it to your spec of choice.

    About the guides, the guy that wrote them said he'd do an overhaul of them, so just keep an eye on them for now till he does.

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