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    Will of the emperor 10N (Holy POV)

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    Stone Guard 25 heroic prot

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    Feng the Accursed 25 heroic prot

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    Stone Guard 10 heroic ret PoV. Dont mind my UI this time, and my dps was shiet, had to supportheal a lot^^ 12 attempts did it take

    Language is Swedish, a lot of talking u might think the fight is quite hectic so the communication is really needed!
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    Stone guard 10 heroic (Holy POV)

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    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 25HM Ret PoV

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    Fight: Feng the Accursed 10 Heroic
    Character: Seigi (Holy)
    Guild: Full Spectrum

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    Stone Guard 25N Holy PoV

    Feng 25N holy PoV

    Gara 25N Holy PoV

    Spirit Kings 25N Holy PoV
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    Elegon 10 Normal Ret PoV:

    Hope you like it
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    Name: Palawin
    Guild: Kill it Please
    Realm: Frostmourne-US Alliance

    10 man Heroic mode Garajal, Holy PoV. 1080p available!

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    Gara'jal 10 Heroic

    Prot PoV

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    Gara'jal 10 heroic Holy PoV

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    Feng the Accursed 25 heroic Holy PoV

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    San Jose, CA
    Updated through this post! Thanks everybody, I hope to keep this at a weekly update rate, I was a little late on this one because I was busy working at the San Francisco Giants games this week. At least they're in the World Series now

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    Will of the Emperor 25m Normal Prot pov

    Heroic Feng 25m Prot POV
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    Feng the accursed 10HC (Holy POV)

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    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 25 heroic Prot Pov

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    Stone Guard heroic 10 man Prot Pal PoV

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    Name: Palawin
    Guild: Kill it Please
    Realm: Frostmourne-US Alliance

    10 man Heroic mode Spirit Kings, Holy PoV. 1080p available

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    Spirit Kings 10 Man Heroic
    Ret Pal PoV

    Hengrile <Restricted>
    La Croisade Ecarlate - EU

    Sorry for the "pixelated moment", I tried to re-encode and re-upload the video several times but i couldn't fix it. :/
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    Elegon 10 Normal Prot Point of View

    Defender of the light and cookies
    WoW Videos

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