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    What Weapons As a Rogue?

    So we're doing our first raid tonight. I'm going combat for the first raid boss, because of the cleave. I'm wondering thought, as I recently came back from a 7 months WoW break...

    What weapons do I use as combat rogue? Swords, axes, maces.. daggers? What speeds in what hand? I see some people using 2.6 in both hands, but some people use 2.6 and then 1.8 in offhand. Any difference in using an axe from a mace?

    Thanks for your time!

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    If you have 2 x 2.6 speed weapons, use them. Note, equip the one with the highest ilvl(weapon damage) in your MH.
    If you only have 1 x 2.6 speed weapon, use a 2.6 in your MH and a 1.8 dagger in you OH.

    Double slow has the advantage of a stronger Killing Spree.
    Slow + Dagger nets you more Deadly Poison procs on your main target.

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    Thx for the quick reply mate, appreciated.
    My best friend is numbers

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    1.8s daggers, and 2.6s axe/fist/sword/mace are exceptionally close in performance. However, 2.6s weapons appear to have a fraction of a % of an advantage.

    Try to keep a 1.8s dagger around for when you can't use Killing Spree optimally.
    Quoting from EJ, which is based on all your weapons being same ilvl. At this point in the game I'm pretty sure that its best to use whichever combo you have the best weapons for.

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