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    Windwalker PvP damage

    Ok so I decided to post as I really need answers, I've been playing mon since release, a week later I got to 90. As of now, I m fully PvP geared and got to know the class, or should I say the spec at 100%. I have been doing pretty well in Battlegrounds against low geared people, but once I faced people with equal gear things got messy and I noticed a dramatic decrease in my damage. What do you guys think of the WW damage in PvP...
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    As far as I know their damage is weak. Everytime I face a Monk, geared or not (Im a Ret btw), theyre more annoying than anything, between Leg Sweep, FoF, Grapple Weapon, Roll/FSK, and Paralysis, theyre in the same spot as Rogues. Not a threat damage wise but can keep you hindered while your friend beat on me.

    I kinda like them that way too. If they did excessive damage plus everything I listed above they would just be 5.0.5 Warrior 2.0 (meaning people from all over the lands will reroll because it will be FoTM)
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