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    Help: New season, S3.

    So the 3rd season is coming and I joined this game after the 2nd started so I have some questions:
    - When will the 3rd start?
    - Does the elo reset?
    - If it does reset do we have the 10 games as we just dinged lvl 30?
    - Does it reset only for the teams?
    - I've seen a team recruitment topic on this forum, are they usually really pro? cause I'm not pro but I would like to play in a team.


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    -1 We don't know
    -2 Somewhat. Top Elo will probably be reset to~1400-1600 rather than all the way mid, but haven't seen the exact details yet
    -3 Yes
    -4 No
    -5 Read the thread, most aren't by a long shot

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    The Red's have been saying we are getting a soft reset. Could mean everyone other than bronze gets set at the lowest tier of their current ELO, or the 1100-1400 range get set somewhere in the middle while the rest get set to those max and min values. It wont be a hard, re-do placement matches reset though, so if you have an ELO in the mid range don't expect it to change much.

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    It's going to be a soft reset, not a hard. I think it's something like, add 1200 to your current elo, then divide it by 2.

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    That would be nice for me, started from 1320 then down to 800 and now up to 900, with that formula I should be on 1050.

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