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    Mage Glyph Ideas

    Perhaps I am indeed a total nerd and WoW addict, but during downtime yesterday I found myself toying with some new glyph ideas. I would be interested in seeing what sort of glyphs my fellow mages can come up with. Here's a few of mine:

    Glyph of Nether Tempest: Increases the cooldown of Nether Tempest by 15 seconds, but causes it to deal its secondary damage to all targets within 10 yards of the primary target.

    Glyph of Frost Bomb: Your Frost Bomb no longer has a cast time, but no longer slows the movement speed of targets it damages.

    Glyph of Living Bomb: Increases the cooldown of Living Bomb by 12 seconds, but causes it to spread to an additional 2 targets when it is cast.

    Glyph of Arcane Detonation: Your Arcane Barrage spell now causes Nether Tempest to instantly fire its secondary damage at all nearby targets, causes your Frost Bomb to instantly explode, and spread your Living Bomb to two additional targets.

    Glyph of the Charged Blast: Your Living Bomb spell applies 3 charges to the target; every time Living Bomb detonates, a charge will be consumed, but Living Bomb can only be applied to a single target. Using a glyphed Fire Blast, Inferno Blast, or Arcane Barrage against a target with Living Bomb will add an additional stack of Living Bomb up to 3 stacks in total.

    Glyph of the Court Conjurer [Frost]: Your Mirror Image spell summons Lesser Water Elementals instead of copies of yourself.

    Glyph of Sudden Chill: Removes the channel time from your Blizzard spell, but increases its cooldown by 8 seconds and causes it to no longer slow affected targets.

    Glyph of Arcane Attraction [Arcane]: Your Nether Tempest spell will prefer to fire its secondary damage against targets affected by your Slow spell.

    Glyph of Winter's Chill [Frost]: Teaches you the ability Winter's Chill. Consumes the power of your Water Elemental, increasing your damage by 15%, making your Frost Nova targetable, and allowing it to generate a charge of Fingers of Frost when it strikes a target. Summoning another Water Elemental will cancel this effect. Lasts 30 min.

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    I am no Court Conjurer, I AM NELIUS ARAN!
    Gamdwelf the Mage

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    I am no Court Conjurer, I AM NELIUS ARAN!
    Props for getting the reference. -brofist-

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    I really like your glyph ideas, Didactic!

    Here are the glyph ideas I had in mind ( you'll also find them here http://mop-talent-grid-maker.appspot...&gridId=310001 in the description section) :

    Major Glyphs

    Glyph of Mental Quickness: Your Blink spell now has two charges, but its second charge won't free you from stuns and bonds.

    Glyph of Mage Armor: When hit by a melee attack, all enemies within 8 yards will be knocked back 12 yards. Cannot happen more than once every 20 seconds.

    Glyph of Elusive Tactics: You are now able to switch positions with any of your Mirror Images, as long as they are within 10 yards of you. Cannot happen more than once every 4 seconds.

    Glyph of Greater Blink: After a successful Blink, attacks made against you have a 60% chance to miss for 4 seconds.

    Glyph of Improved Blink: After a successful Blink, your movement speed is increased by 70% for 3 seconds.

    Glyph of the Unseen: After a successful Blink, you become invisible for 2 seconds.


    Minor Glyphs

    Glyph of Red Evocation: Your Evocation spell is now red.

    Glyph of Blue Fire: Your Fire spells are now blue.

    Glyph of Firefrost: The colours of your Frostfire Bolt are inverted.

    Glyph of Forceful Blink: After you blink, all enemies within 8 yards are knocked back 6 yards.

    Glyph of Deception: When you cast Blink, you leave a mirror image in your previous position that deals no damage and lasts for 8 seconds.

    Glyph of Living Bomb: Your Living Bomb can now be cast on yourself.

    Glyph of Mass Slow Fall: Teaches you the ability Mass Slow Fall.

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    I think you'd have to have neither charge remove movement effects or that glyph would be obscenely powerful in PvP, honestly you'd probably also have to have it increase the cooldown on top of that.

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    Some more ideas!

    Glyph of the Nexus: Your Blink spell will teleport you to the nearest Rune of Power within 25 yards, preferring the most recently cast Rune.

    Glyph of Arcane Beam: Teaches you the ability Arcane Beam. Channels a destructive ray of Arcane energy at the enemy, dealing X Arcane damage every 0.4 sec over 2 sec. Generates an Arcane Charge. Arcane Beam's damage is increased by 22% per Arcane Charge. Arcane Beam has a chance to be activated after every damaging spell cast. Limit 2 charges. Replaces Arcane Missiles.

    Glyph of Spellfire: Your Frostfire Bolt now possesses the same attributes and damage as your Arcane Blast.

    Glyph of Manifest Power: Your Arcane Charges are now displayed visually around your character as sparks of Arcane energy.

    Glyph of Missile Barrage: Your Arcane Missiles and Arcane Beam procs are now displayed visually on your character.

    Glyph of the Infinite Flight: For 15 sec after you cast Alter Time, you take on the appearance of an Infinite Dragonspawn.

    Glyph of the Elementalist: Your Rune of Power now takes on an Icy or Fiery appearance, depending on specialization.

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    Those are some really cool ideas Didactic! You should definitely post some of these in the official forums. I thought of a few also, as well as extra abilities that could/should fill in the gap while leveling:

    Glyph of the Water Clone: Changes the appearance of your Water Elemental into a liquid doppleganger of yourself, retaining the Water Elemental's abilities.

    Glyph of the Frost Lord: Teaches you the ability Summon Ahune. Summon Ahune the Frost Lord to assist you in combat for 30 seconds. The Frost Lord deals significantly more damage than the Water Elemental (2-3min cooldown). Replaces Water Elemental.

    (Ahune's abilities:

    Frost Blast - deals ~200% more damage than WE's WBolt; 2 sec cast.
    Shards of Winter (AoE) - deals damage and roots enemies for 8 sec; grants a charge of Fingers of Frost; 12 sec cooldown.)

    Glyph of Mana Bomb: Allows you to target Arcane Explosions anywhere within 25 yards, but delaying their explosion by 3 seconds (this would be pretty cool imo).

    (Lv46) Repulsion: Your Arcane Missiles have a 4% chance per wave to push your target back a short distance (5 yards). This effect has a 6 sec cooldown.

    (Lv68) Distortion: Your Blink spell also affects nearby targets, teleporting up to 4 enemies that are attacking you at a random location within 8 yards of your original Blink location and disorienting them for 2 seconds.

    (Lv77) Netherwind Presence: When struck by a melee or ranged attack, you gain the Netherwind Presence effect. Netherwind Presence triggers 1 charge of Arcane Missiles and allows you to channel it while moving. Lasts 6 seconds. This effect has a 10 sec cooldown.

    (Lv60 w/ Arcane Power) Focused Mind: Your Arcane Barrage spell has a chance (based on the number of Arcane Charges consumed) to grant Focused Mind, preventing you from being interrupted and silenced for 4 seconds.

    (Lv88) Instability: While at 4 or more Arcane Charges, your spells have a chance (20-25%) to cause Instability, increasing your mana regeneration by 500% for 6 seconds, but disables you from gaining mana from any source for 4 seconds afterwards.
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    A lot of these are cool but some of them are a little problematic. I really like the Nexus one, Missile Barrage, Mana Bomb and Arcane Beam.
    Spellfire would suffer because Arcane Blast deals damage instantly and Frostfire Bolt does not, charges do not work so well with a spell with a travel time (though I'm sure this isn't a major issue to fix, I believe it means Blizzard are unlikely to ever implement something of the like).
    Glyph of the Frost Lord wouldn't really work due to the loss of Freeze in your rotation.
    Glyph of Repulsion needs a lot of number changing. 10 yards is very far from a short distance, especially on a channeled spell with a 1 second ICD! 3 yards sounds more like it, or less.
    Distortion honestly sounds like it only exists to annoy tanks, I can think of barely any practical uses.
    Netherwind Presence would sort of be essential for PvP which isn't the best design.

    Focused Mind and Instability are the worst offenders as they are either going to be a mathematic DPS increase in which case everyone is forced to take them or utterly useless. I can't see Focused Mind as being anything but just a flat DPS increase and not even in a way that is particularly interesting to play.
    My spells get faster after a spell that I would be casting anyway? Wow.

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    My ideas from Repulsion to Instability are passive abilities to fill in that void in leveling (not glyphs), also to help out Arcane cuz it's a bit lacking in PvP. Realistically, it would be nice to learn an ability every 2 levels.

    And yeah, some of these probably are (probably) a bit powerful, but I can dream right? lol

    Edited: changed some things around ^ there, and have more ideas in mind (after work).
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