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    Issue with ElvUI Double bars

    Hello gents. I'm sorry if this was asked before, but i'm having a problem. When i use buffs or i cause status effects, i see them twice in the screen, and same with the target. I have been trying to find on the options where to disable one of the bars, but i'm unable to find the right option.
    For example: Wasteland badge passive effect: It's shown in the mid of the screen, and at his left side there is another buff named wasteland badge..

    I would love to attach an image.. but
    imgur NxQQQmM.jpg
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    I am 99.9% sure it is because you are using the ElvUI Hud and Elvui Unitframes so its showing Aurabars for both. Try turning one of them off and see what happens.

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    What you're describing sounds like to me in the elvui setup you chose integrated for display of buffs and debuffs. I found that it caused not only a power bar to show with the time remaining, but a square buff boz. When I figured that out, I just chose the option to have the buff box

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    Pally was right, thank youuu!

    I thought at first it was because the integrated buffs, but no, the cause was because i was using bouth Unitframes and Hud. I disabled unitframes and it was k.

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