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    What spec is best for locks now in 90 ?

    Hey what spec is best I've tried 'em all out my conclusion is I reach higest dps with destro, but it's more steady as demo and affi is not that good. Which is the best spec and will it change for the better gear I get ?

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    I'm sure you'll get some "professional" opinions, but so far, from what I've see during beta (I played a lock exclusively), Destro was still the best dps. Demo has potential with a few tweaks on the part of Blizz and Affliction, as always, needs work to become raid-viable. Affliction, to me, has always really been the most fun and had the most potential to be a powerhouse. The problem is, when you give Affliction the power it needs to be great in PvE, it becomes monstrously overpowered in PvP and blizz fears this.

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    Okey so my conclusion was right 'cause my friends not playing locks have been on me saying destro sucks but according to me I can push highest with it..

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    Well play which ever you're getting the highest dps with imo.

    But destruction has been the lowest on multiple tests with affliction being the highest. Are you sure you're playing affliction right? I'd recommend reading a guide or two. There one stickies at the top of this forum as well at Icy Veins and Noxxic.
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    Right now Demo is highest for heroics at least since in most of the instances there's some dumb mechanic that the mobs don't die and go friendly for too many aoe packs that make affi unviable. For raiding I'm still back affi as the top dps because it shines at boss fights easily just not trash. Haven't looked into destro a lot.
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    in beta it was affliction then demo then destro fir raiding due to the fact it takes oso long to build embers after burning 4

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    yea demo is tops for me u just have to learn how to stance dance and when to burn ur fury took me about 2 months to get used to but i learned to use it the week before launch
    took it into dragon soul and did great with it
    destro is my offspec and is alright but between embers u got nothing
    demo has wild imps and wrathguard and 3 dots
    destro also seriously gets gimped on movement
    and yes i use the wrathguard becuz he does alot of damage becuz of is swing speed

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    the reason destro and demo seem to be better than affliction atm, is because you haven't been testing it on boss fights ( aka long fights) , destro might seem better dps at first, the longer the fight goes the weaker it becomes, also affliction gains amazing dps increase in execute range, destro can't afford to spam shadowburn , building embers takes a while, and well, I think demo is between affli and destro for now, also don't forget most of the people now are only doing 5 mans and most of their gear is normal / heroic blues, secondary stats are almost non existent atm compared to raiding gear.

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    I like demo and destro on shorter fights. Affli is better on the long ones.

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    Well I mean for 5 mans when it comes to raiding I'll prolly go back into affi.

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    demo is also good in raiding environment tested it on the last beta build and it does very well
    but i like demo now becuz is rotation is very unforgiving and u have alot to watch
    plus wrathguard is hitting crazy hard for me with some mastery
    doing close to 40k mortal cleave crits
    like i said it takes a while to get used to but on movement fights with wild imps and wrathguard and dots rolling it can compete with affliction
    also decimation phase in demon form is sick spamming soulfire at the end of the fight is very nice
    i usually also use my wild imp swarm in the last 15% to help with damage but i dont use it any other times becuz of the gap with no imps out

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    Affliction and Demo seem weaker than Destro in blues and greens I guess because of haste breakpoints on DoTs and general scaling of stats.

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    Conclusion: Each spec has it's high and low points. So depends on what you are fighting and how long, and which spec YOU PERSONALLY pull the highest DPS. I personally pull more DPS as Demo than as Afflic, but that may be because I love demo and pretty much hate afflic. I need to give destro a shot soon too though.

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    Single target DPS: Affliction, by a good margin.
    AoE: Demo, by a good margin.

    Destro is plenty viable for sure, but its currently the bottom of our three specs. I have frankly no idea why people are saying its the best, as even in blues/greens my Aff spec is dealing a good margin more. Imo you guys don't use SS:SS (SoulShard: SoulSwap) enough. Its a bloody amazing tool!

    As for sims, Affliction with GoSac is the single highest parser in the game right now.
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    Afflict> Demo> Destro, thats how it ranks up. Afflict is the top raiding spec for any raiding warlock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikijih View Post
    As for sims, Affliction with GoSac is the single highest parser in the game right now.
    Don't confuse Sims with Parses. Parses are real fight data, which throughout the last expansion showed Boomkin and SPriests as two of the best specs in game. The sims however, showed otherwise. Right now, we have no reliable datasets for current content as it's not open yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkamedis View Post
    Afflict> Demo> Destro, thats how it ranks up. Afflict is the top raiding spec for any raiding warlock.
    Again, this is according to simulations against a boss that's no longer relevant. All three specs should perform adequately and provide their own niche at which they'll perform well.

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    From the heroics dungeons to the world bosses, I've done much better with demo. I'm thinking this has something to do with not being able to hit any haste breakpoints really as affliction. I have to sacrifice alot of haste to reach hit cap. When I get better gear I might do better with affliction.

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    Like usually mentioned you got to take Simcraft results with "a pinch of salt". Aff is higher on sims but currently on live you don't have a proper boss fight to use aff properly (ie long fight, long execution phase).

    Aff has crappy aoe and the main content atm are 5 man HCs. Since these are a zerg fest and require zero CC, bringing a strong aoe spec is perfect to make fast and efficient runs. Also boss fights aren't long enough to make aff shine.

    When raids go out i'm sure way more people will see good results in affliction but for the current content demo and destro fit perfectly.

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    Right now I doing best single target + best aoe as destruction. I really like that spec especially when it comes to aoe. I always do around 40% of the overall and usually single target damage in LFD groups. Singletarget dps 50-60k dps depending on boss. In the end it really does feel like there are 3 awesome specs to choose from and I would not mind to play with any one of them. Destruction feels more fresh though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkamedis View Post
    Afflict> Demo> Destro, thats how it ranks up. Afflict is the top raiding spec for any raiding warlock.
    LOL, um, are you serious? You are far from correct.

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