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    Best ally dps race???

    I am currently raiding in a server first guild as shadow and was wondering what the current top dps race was. I'm currently worgen, thanks.

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    well if u really were in a server first guild, knowing that u can check worldoflogs and such should be something that a server first guild player should know, but anwsering ur question, spriest dps, is between 45-60k dps with heroic blues... 45k for average players 60k for really good spriests, and yes shadowpriest sucks atm

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    He's wondering which race (worgen,human,night elf,gnome,panda,dwarf) is best for dps. Not who is best shadow priest.

    Sadly I don't know the answer. And yeah, if you were server first guild, you'd likely know the answer already.

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    Something like this:

    1. Pandaran (300 int via food buff)
    2. Human with a mace (1% exp, + about .25% to .5% of hit through additional spirit)
    3. Worgen (1% crit)
    4. Dranei (1% hit) or Gnome with a dagger (1% exp) or Dwarf with a mace (1% exp)
    5. Human without a mace (.25% to .5% hit)
    6. Night Elf (nothing)

    Pandaren is a lot farther ahead than the others, and would remain best all expac unless something changes.
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