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    script to move default frames to a specific location

    Looking to hit a macro that places my frames at a specific location via coordinates or whatever methods used

    the reason being that there is a bug that keeps moving my frames around everytime i enter arena
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    i beg of thee help!

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    Lemme see what I can do here.

    /script ChatFrame1:ClearAllPoints() ChatFrame1:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", "UIParent", "BOTTOMLEFT", 4, 66) ChatFrame1:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", "UIParent", "BOTTOMLEFT", 430, 199)
    I use this to put my chat window to a specific spot in the lower right corner and set it to a specific height and width. Replace "ChatFrame1" with the name of the frame you need to move, change "4, 66" to where you want the bottom left corner of the frame (measured from the bottom left corner of the screen/window), and replace "430, 199" with where you want the top right corner of the frame (again, measured from the bottom left corner of the screen/window).

    I've also got an "addon" version that does this automatically (on a timer). Just ask if you want that.
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