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    39 15.12%

    156 60.47%
  • Cataclysm

    19 7.36%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    44 17.05%
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    Darkest WoW expansion

    Which expansion would you all say had the darkest story I think wrath had the best story
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    WotLK of course.
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    I'd say Wrath. The whole Malygos & Sindragosa thing was pretty sad. Also Arthas killing his dad type of deal (if you count that as wrath).

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    I suppose Wotlk, although it had lots of cheesy moments involing Lich King.

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    Wrath, resurrecting fallen heroes and forcing them to fight their former friends/family is pretty dark.

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    I'd say TBC. Just because you visit a planet that is hands of demons. All terror has rampaged there. Villages, lands and even races completely destroyed. That's enough enough darkness for me.

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    TBC by far every zone was dark.

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    rofl @ the 2 people who voted MOP...

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    Black and brown and dark blue. Oh and an army of undead monsters slavering to devour the world while corrupted by an old god . . .
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    WotLK indisputably. Cataclysm heralded the end of the world and all that aspect stuff with the dragons etc., but the undead are just naturally more 'dark'. There was also the betrayal by the Royal Apothecary Society, where they kind of killed tons of people indiscriminately and how Saurfang the Younger was taken as a death knight by the Lich King and then basically called his dad a piece of shit and you had to kill him. Like, that whole... becoming an agent of the Lich King and having to be killed by your friends and family thing is just. Like. Really dark.

    Cultists heralding the end of the world just can't compare to that kind of psychological fuckery.

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    MoP's story still hasn't been unveiled! SPOILER BELOW

    Watching the corruption of a faction leader has to be very dark. Sure we fought the Lich King, but what drove him insane was all before his expansion. What drives a person to declare war on his own people (assuming since Horde take him down as well). Even without the corruption, we have a faction dropping fat boys, and little mans every which way... I don't know about you, but believe it or not Mists of Pandaria is starting to look pretty grime and dark to me.

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    I'd say TBC, what with the demons and what they were capable of.

    Then again, Wrath is pretty gruesome too. Aside from what the Death Knight's do/endure, there is the Old God of Madness. Madness is a dark concept.

    But.. but..

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    Wrath, for sure.

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    Wrath was dark, but it felt like an adventure.
    Cataclysm was dark, but it felt like a war.

    So I think that, of the two, Cataclysm felt like the darker expansion. Wrath was a lot more about exploration and discovery than Cataclysm was, and it had more breaks from the darker side of the story than Cataclysm did.

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    Well they're all dark in their own way. But I'd probably go for Wrath.

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    Naxxramas. nuff said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vokal View Post
    rofl @ the 2 people who voted MOP...
    War, slaughter and genocide, and tragedy they bring coupled with creatures who feed off of negative emotions that corrupt and possess people. It is pretty dark.

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    I haven't completed MoP questingyet, but I believe WotLK had the darkest theme (I freaking love the scourge though, WotLK was a great time for me personally). People called, and some still do, MoP childish, to those who say so: play the game first. BC was probably the lightest out of 'em all Imo.
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    I think Mists has some of the most shockingly dark moments, because so much of the rest of the xpac is bright n cheery, helping Cho find his dead relatives was watching that paladins wife die was there were a few other moments too where I was like wtf!? that was dark!

    Overral tho, Wrath had the darkest feel to it

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    By far wotlk, because zombies. :b

    No, for real, wotlk is the darkest expansion simply because of the antagonist, the Lich King, the one who commands almost all undead. His army is vast, with a lot of freaks, abominations, something that you would probably vomit just by looking at it, that's pretty terrifying.
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