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    Quote Originally Posted by sxefluff View Post
    - if they quit during Cata
    Touché Sir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldschoolwow View Post
    I drew you in.
    Oh, nice constructive and certainly not selective reply there!

    Why not also tell me how I never participate in discussions that are worthy and how now you have a huge grin because "ermagerd that person replied to my thread LOL I TROL U".

    YOU drew me in, your bias and personality (or lack of). Your thread didn't draw me in, you did. And so what if you did? You wanted a discussion and logic, so shoot. What's your thread about? What's the logic and how can it be discussed? What about your posts and quotes?

    I'm really unsure of what you actually want and aimed at with this thread, but I'm here to discuss. So go ahead.
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    Oh i know what you forgott.

    - Those kind of people who are wierdly in love with vanilla wow. You know, because the players who played in vanilla actually remember what total crap it was compared to the content we get today.
    there was increadibly bad pvp balance.
    there was extreamly boring boss mechanics (if there were any at all).
    there were an uncountable ammount of bugs.
    there was also the questing that was so boring i get a little sad every time i think about it ;(

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    WORST country on earth (aka egypt)
    - They do know how to cc if they pvped a little
    - They know threat with any non-paladin tank
    - How many in world did tribute to insanity at its lvl?
    - Even in BC world boss was forgotten after 3months
    - Nothing to talk about it here
    - Most high dps knew it
    - Try Hard Modes then ask about "unlimited mana"
    - At launch you needed resistance gear for Naxx (surprise) and Hodir in Ulduar
    - Didn't get asked once in Wrath
    - If you mean 2 old dungeons with stupidly annoying introduction quest, they really didn't miss a thing
    - Go EOE without key, try it

    Very wrong post
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    Don't make troll threads.

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