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    S12 and S12 Elite weapons should be ilvl 483.

    The S12 Elite weapons don't need to be higher ilvl anymore to match Heroic PvE Weapons because PvP Power can be added instead of increased ilvl.

    Now the ilvl difference between the S12 and S12 Elite weapons is just going to promote rating selling. The Conquest armor is the same ilvl, the weapons need to be updated as well.

    It's an oversight on Blizz's part, but I haven't seen any discussion about it.

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    There's nothing wrong with PVP gear, weapons or armor, being good for PVE. In fact, they want it to be good. Just not BiS.

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    That's not the issue. I'm saying the S12 and S12 Elite weapon need to be the same ilvl just like the Conquest armor. That just happens to be ilvl 483.

    I'm saying there isn't a need for the Elite weapon to be higher ilvl than the regular Conquest weapon. It should just be a different skin like the armor.

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