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    Spear Hand Strike in a shift mod macro help please

    Im trying to make a macro where I use Tiger Palm with Spear Hand Strike to interrupt on a shift mod. I cant seem to get it to work and was hoping someone might have a solution for me,

    /cast [mod:Shift] Spear Hand Strike; Tiger Palm

    Thats what i tried and it doesnt seem to work. my spec is Brewmaster.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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    What you have currently will cast only Spear Hand Strike when shift is held, else cast Tiger Palm.

    If you want them to cast together, you could do this:
    /cast [mod:shift] Spear Hand Strike
    /cast Tiger Palm

    That will cast Spear Hand Strike and Tiger Palm when shift is held, else just Tiger Palm. Note that this macro only works because interrupts are not on the GCD. Additionally, if you are on GCD, this macro will only cast Spear Hand Strike, which is good. They took interrupts off the GCD for a reason.

    I would also consider not macroing your interrupt in with anything else. Interrupts need to go out very quickly in most cases, and fumbling with modifiers may slow down your reaction time. But if it works for you, it works.

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    ok it seems to work fine now, and ill take you advice into consideration. Thanks for the help

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    My guess is he's a brewmaster, so tiger palm has no cost, and he figured he might as well get some extra damage and the guard buff in while he's interrupting. It's a pretty good idea, I think I'll do the same thing, but I won't use a modifier.

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